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Author(s): Elvers, Karl-Ludwig (Bochum) | Bartels, Jens (Bonn) | Eck, Werner (Cologne) | Beck, Jan-Wilhelm (Bochum)
Italian family name, attested at Rome from the 1st cent. BC, but of political importance only from the time of Augustus, with S. [II 4-6] (Schulze, 228). Elvers, Karl-Ludwig (Bochum) I. Republican period [German version] [I 1] S., L. Mint magistrate in 101 BC (RRC 328) and praetor urbanus c. 93-89 (ILS 8208; Syme, RP 2, 608 f.). Bartels, Jens (Bonn) [German version] [I 2] S. Saturninus Vetulo Proscribed in 43 BC, took refuge on Sicily (Val. Max. 7,3,9). With his cousin Scribonius [I 7] Libo he led the embassy to Antonius [B I 9] for Sex. Pompeius [I 5] in 40 B…

Poetae novelli

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Author(s): Beck, Jan-Wilhelm (Bochum)
[German version] Common term for Latin poets of the 2nd cent. AD although, as a consequence of new findings, this includes poets of the 3rd cent. AD (Alfius [4] Avitus, Annianus, Florus [1], Hadrianus [1], Septimius Serenus). The term is not an ancient one and is nowadays repudiated; it was taken by earlier scholars from the 'Metrics' of Terentianus Maurus (V. 1973; 2528) who generally compared earlier and later exemplary authors of the genre. The PN were initially and incorrectly regarded as a closely associated group or school who worked together, comparable to the N…


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Author(s): Elvers, Karl-Ludwig (Bochum) | Beck, Jan-Wilhelm (Bochum) | Eck, Werner (Cologne) | Calboli, Gualtiero (Bologna) | Will, Wolfgang (Bonn)
Roman gentilicium. [German version] [1] Historian, 1st cent. BC 1st cent. BC, published a work of history or epic probably about the first Punic war ( bellum Carthaginiense Fest. 158 M), perhaps identical to no. 5 [1]. Elvers, Karl-Ludwig (Bochum) [German version] [2] Banker Banker (Hor. Epod. 2,67). Elvers, Karl-Ludwig (Bochum) [German version] [3] Marius, 2nd half of 3rd cent. BC Marius, Campanian, fell in 215 BC fighting against Rome (Liv. 23,35,13; 19). Elvers, Karl-Ludwig (Bochum) Bibliography 1 Schanz/Hosius, 1, 202. [German version] [4] Avitus Latin poet of the 2nd/3rd…


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Author(s): Beck, Jan-Wilhelm (Bochum) | Phillips, C. Robert III. (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)
[German version] [1] Athenian praised by Solon (Τέλλος; Téllos). Athenian, praised by Solon [1] to Croesus as a most fortunate person (Hdt. 1,30): T. saw healthy children and grandchildren grow up in a well-ordered polis, died in battle for his homeland and was given an honorary burial in Eleusis [1] (Hero cult). Doubt as to T.'s historicity are without foundation [1. 44 f.]. In Herodotus' [1] Lydian tale ( 'lógos'), which is imbued with oriental doctrines of wisdom, he presents profoundly Greek values (worldliness, ideal of citizenship, immortality through des…


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Author(s): Beck, Jan-Wilhelm (Bochum)
[German version] Latin lyricist of the 2nd cent. AD, acquaintance of Aulus  Gellius with land ownership in agro Falisco (Gell. NA 6. 7; 9,10; 20,8), author of Fescennini and carmina Falisca (possibly 5 fr. = 12 vv. about viticulture in metrum Faliscum/Calabrion, Paroemiacus). As in lost contemporary poets (see Terentianus Maurus 1992 f.), a preference for metric innovations and freedoms appears characteristic. However, it is not the case that he belonged to a school of so-called   poetae novelli . Beck, Jan-Wilhelm (Bochum) Bibliography Editions: FPL 170 f. Comm.: S. Mattiacci, I …


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Author(s): Bartels, Jens (Bonn) | Eck, Werner (Cologne) | Beck, Jan-Wilhelm (Bochum) | Schmidt, Peter L. (Constance) | Franke, Thomas (Bochum) | Et al.
Nomen gentile, probably originally Etruscan, occurred at Rome only from the 1st cent. BC onwards. I. Republican period [German version] [I 1] A certain S. from Camerinum was commissioned to recruit followers for Catilina at Picenum in 63 BC, presumably because he was of the Umbrian-Picenan municipal nobility (cf. CIL I2 1921; 1929) (Sall. Catil. 27,1). Bartels, Jens (Bonn) [German version] [I 2] Friend of Horace's; he hoped to enter the cohors amicorum of a member of the imperial household through his relationship with the latter (Hor. Carm. 2,6(?); Hor. Epist. 1,9: Tiberius). Probably identical with the S. mentioned by Suetonius (vita Horatii 2), who was also acquainted with Augustus. Bartels, Jens (Bonn) [German version] [I 3] S., C. As praetor in 57 BC, he advocated Cicero's recall from exile (Cic. P. Red. Sen. 23), and thereafter administered the province of Asia (BMC, Gr. Lydia 334,52). In 51, he appeared among the witnesses to two rulings by the Senate (Cic. Fam. 8,8,5 f.). He may be identical with the augur attested for 45 BC (Cic. Att. 12,13,2; 14,1). Bartels, Jens (Bonn) [German version] [I 4] S., L. Served under Pompeius Magnus as centurio in the war against the pirates in 67 BC. In 55, having meanwhile become tr. mil., he was left behind in Egypt by A. Gabinius [I 2] with Roman soldiers to pro…


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Author(s): Beck, Jan-Wilhelm (Bochum)
[German version] (Ἁβρώνιχος, also Ἀβρώνιχος; Habrṓn, Habrṓnichos). Son of Lysicles, Athenian from the Lamptrae deme (on the form of the name [1]). He brought the news of the defeat of  Leonidas at Thermopylae (Hdt. 8,21) to the Greek fleet at Artemisium in 480 BC. In 479 he was sent to Sparta with  Aristides [1] to inform  Themistocles of the progress of the wall construction (Thuc. 1,91,3). Later H. was a candidate for  ostrakismos, his name (with demotikon) is found on several ostraca (ML 21). Beck, Jan-Wilhelm (Bochum) Bibliography …