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Yehuda ben Samuel ha-Levi

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Author(s): Bekkum, Wout J. van
[German Version] (c. 1075, Tudela – 1141,Egypt). When the Almoravides conquered Andalusia after 1090, Yehuda moved from town to town in Christian Spain during the next 20 years. When his benefactor, Solomon Ibn Ferrizuel, was murdered in Toledo, he went to Cordoba, Granada, and Almeria. He was a doctor, businessman, and courtier, as well as a prolific composer of Hebrew secular and sacred poetry. His poetic oeuvre consists of more than 1,000 works. By mid-life he was already a revered public figur…


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Author(s): Seybold, Klaus | Bekkum, Wout J. van | Brucker, Ralph | Rösler, Wolfgang | Pollmann, Karla | Et al.
[German Version] I. Bible and Ancient Judaism 1. Old Testament a. General. In biblical studies, poetry (Gk ποίησις/ poíēsis) in contrast to prose generally comprises stanzaic texts in language employing patterns of rhythm and sound, whose structure and style are determined by both linguistic (sound patters, rhyme, clause sequences, etc.) and nonlinguistic factors (so-called constraints: music, ¶ extent, parallel structure, setting, etc.). We do not know the ancient Hebrew poetic terminology, although poetry constitutes a significant portion of Old …