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Martianus Capella

(1,242 words)

Author(s): Krapinger, Gernot (Graz)
[German version] Martianus Minneus Felix Capella, author of a Latin encyclopaedic work in 9 bks. called De nuptiis Philologiae et Mercurii (‘Philologia's wedding with Mercury), which he dedicated to his son [11. 1], originated from Carthage, according to the subscriptions of the MSS. Several remarks in the work (Mart. Cap. §§ 577, 999) suggest he may have been a lawyer. Today, the period of composition is thought to lie in the 420s [3. 98-111] or (rather) around AD 470 [2. 309f.; 11. 21-28; cf. also 14. 165], writt…

Venantius Fortunatus

(562 words)

Author(s): Krapinger, Gernot (Graz)
[German version] V. Honorius Clementianus Fortunatus, Latin poet of the 6th cent. AD, was born between 530 and 540 in Valdobbiadene/Tarvisium (modern Treviso). In Ravenna, he received the grammatical, rhetorical and legal education towards a career in administration befitting a member of the higher classes (Ven. Fort. vita Martini 1,29-39). A pilgrimage to the grave of the holy Martinus [1] in Tours (Ven. Fort. carm. 8,1,21 and Vita Martini 1,44) or political difficulties at home [5.XIV-XIX] led h…

Sidonius Apollinaris

(857 words)

Author(s): Krapinger, Gernot (Graz)
C. Sollius Apollinaris S. The most important Latin author of Gaul in the second half of the 5th cent. AD; b. on 5 November 430/431 in Lug(u)dunum (present-day Lyons). [German version] I. Life A scion of a wealthy provincial aristocratic family, S. increased his prospects of a political career by marrying Papianilla, the daughter of Avitus [1], future emperor of the Roman West. After the latter was murdered, S. stood probably at first on the side of the enemies of Maiorianus [1], who was installed in 457 (in support [13. 36-57, …


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Author(s): Fündling, Jörg (Bonn) | Krapinger, Gernot (Graz)
Roman gentile name (from vel(l)a [1. 377]). [German version] [1] V., C. From Lanuvium (like Q. Roscius [I 4]: Cic. Nat. D. 1,79), Roman senator, perhaps thanks to L. Cornelius [I 90] Sulla; no longer mentioned after c. 70 BC. Possibly (cf. MRR 2,474) identical to C. V., friend of L. Licinius [I 10] Crassus beginning c. 90 BC (Cic. De or. 3,78), senator not later than 77, representative of the Epicureans in Cicero (Nat. D. 1,15; 1,18-56). Fündling, Jörg (Bonn) [German version] [2] V., C. From Campania? [2. 383]; grandfather of [4]; in 52 BC, iudex selectus, later praef. fabrum of Cn. Pompeius [I 3], M. Iunius [I 10] Brutus (44-42 in Macedonia?) and finally of Ti. Claudius [I 19] Nero in the bellum Perusinum (Perusia). In 41 BC, V. committed suicide (Vell. Pat. 2,76,1). Fündling, Jörg (Bonn) [German version] [3] (V.?) Son of V. [2], born 57 BC or later [1], brother (?) of a senator (V.?) Capito (Vell. Pat. 2,69,5) and praef. equitum in Germania until AD 5, when his son from his marriage to Magia, V. [4], replaced him (Vell. Pat. 2,104,3). Fündling, Jörg (Bon…