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Martianus Capella

(1,242 words)

Author(s): Krapinger, Gernot (Graz)
[German version] Martianus Minneus Felix Capella, author of a Latin encyclopaedic work in 9 bks. called De nuptiis Philologiae et Mercurii (‘Philologia's wedding with Mercury), which he dedicated to his son [11. 1], originated from Carthage, according to the subscriptions of the MSS. Several remarks in the work (Mart. Cap. §§ 577, 999) suggest he may have been a lawyer. Today, the period of composition is thought to lie in the 420s [3. 98-111] or (rather) around AD 470 [2. 309f.; 11. 21-28; cf. also 14. 165], writt…

Venantius Fortunatus

(562 words)

Author(s): Krapinger, Gernot (Graz)
[German version] V. Honorius Clementianus Fortunatus, Latin poet of the 6th cent. AD, was born between 530 and 540 in Valdobbiadene/Tarvisium (modern Treviso). In Ravenna, he received the grammatical, rhetorical and legal education towards a career in administration befitting a member of the higher classes (Ven. Fort. vita Martini 1,29-39). A pilgrimage to the grave of the holy Martinus [1] in Tours (Ven. Fort. carm. 8,1,21 and Vita Martini 1,44) or political difficulties at home [5.XIV-XIX] led h…

Martianus Capella

(1,073 words)

Author(s): Krapinger, Gernot (Graz)
[English version] Martianus Minneus Felix Capella, der Verf. eines lat. enzyklopädischen Werkes in 9 B. mit dem Titel De nuptiis Philologiae et Mercurii (‘Philologias Vermählung mit Merkur), das er seinem Sohn gewidmet hat [11. 1], stammte nach den Subskriptionen der Hss. aus Karthago. Einige Bemerkungen im Werk (Mart. Cap. §§ 577, 999) deuten darauf hin, daß er Jurist war. Die Abfassungszeit wird h. in die 420er Jahre [3. 98-111] oder (eher) um 470 n.Chr. [2. 309f.; 11. 21-28; vgl. auch 14. 165] angesetzt, geschrieb…


(1,014 words)

Author(s): Fündling, Jörg (Bonn) | Krapinger, Gernot (Graz)
Roman gentile name (from vel(l)a [1. 377]). [German version] [1] V., C. From Lanuvium (like Q. Roscius [I 4]: Cic. Nat. D. 1,79), Roman senator, perhaps thanks to L. Cornelius [I 90] Sulla; no longer mentioned after c. 70 BC. Possibly (cf. MRR 2,474) identical to C. V., friend of L. Licinius [I 10] Crassus beginning c. 90 BC (Cic. De or. 3,78), senator not later than 77, representative of the Epicureans in Cicero (Nat. D. 1,15; 1,18-56). Fündling, Jörg (Bonn) [German version] [2] V., C. From Campania? [2. 383]; grandfather of [4]; in 52 BC, iudex selectus, later praef. fabrum of Cn. P…

Sidonius Apollinaris

(857 words)

Author(s): Krapinger, Gernot (Graz)
C. Sollius Apollinaris S. The most important Latin author of Gaul in the second half of the 5th cent. AD; b. on 5 November 430/431 in Lug(u)dunum (present-day Lyons). [German version] I. Life A scion of a wealthy provincial aristocratic family, S. increased his prospects of a political career by marrying Papianilla, the daughter of Avitus [1], future emperor of the Roman West. After the latter was murdered, S. stood probably at first on the side of the enemies of Maiorianus [1], who was installed in 457 (in support [13. 36-57, …