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Author(s): Livingstone, David N. | Daecke, Sigurd | Hübner, Jürgen | Hefner, Philip
[German Version] I. Science – II. Philosophy of Religion – III. Systematic Theology – IV. Ethics I. Science Although Darwinism may be thought of as referring to the version of evolutionary theory originating from C.R. Darwin (Desmond & Moore), it is in reality, however, difficult to agree on any more precise definition. Darwin's own works on evolution involved several different mechanisms for br…

Dawson, John William

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Author(s): Livingstone, David N.
[German Version] (Oct 13, 1820, Nova Scotia – Nov 19, 1899, Montreal, Quebec), an important geologist and lay theologian. He was brought up as a Scottish Presbyterian, and remained so all his life. He studied at the University of Edinburgh and was involved in a range of educational and evangelistic ventures in Nova Scotia. In 1855 he became principal of McGill College in Montreal. With the support of Charles Lyell, Britain's foremost geologist, he published many scientific works such as The Canadian Ice Age (1893). Dawson was elected to numerous scientific …

Morse, Jedidiah

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Author(s): Livingstone, David N.
[German Version] (Aug 23, 1761, Woodstock, CT – Jun 9, 1826, New Haven, CT). A geographer and clergyman, Jedidiah Morse was educated at Yale during the period of the American Revolution (North America) prior to becoming pastor of the First Congregationalist Church in Charleston, MA. Throughout his life he remained a Calvinist opponent of New England Unitarianism (Unitarians/Universalists, 1789–1819). During 1798 and 1799 his efforts to expose a vast conspiracy allegedly directed by a group known a…