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Author(s): Makris, Georgios (Bochum) | Lippold, A. (0)
[German version] [1] Deacon of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople Deacon of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, author of a speculum regum containing 72 acrostically arranged aphorisms for Justinian I (527-565). A. grants the Christian element an influential position in respect of the topic of the pagan ideology of the caesars; the ruler must above all else be a loyal servant and emulator of God. His main source was the paraenetic second speech of Isocrates to Nicocles. This short, naive text had a great influence on the speculum regum literature of the Greek Middle Ages and in the easte…


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Author(s): Lippold, A. (0) | Stegmann, Helena (Bonn)
[German version] Amalaswintha, daughter of  Theoderic the Gr.; her father provided A. with a good education (cf. Cassiod. Var. 11,1,6 f.) and married her in 515 to the West Goth Eutharic (died before 526) (Chron. min. 2,160; Iord. Get. 174; 251; 298). A.'s son Athalaricus ( 518 or 516) was named king by Theoderic in 526, A. took over the regency (Iord. Get. 251; Procop. Goth. 5,2,1-3). Beginnings of a politics, which attempted at its heart under ‘provisional’ preservation of the basic principles of Theoderic (Cassiod. Var. 8,1-8) to ensure a peaceful life for the population on the basis of c…