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Adam and Eve

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Author(s): Anderson, Gary A. | Apostolos-Cappadona, Diane
[German Version] I. Ancient Judaism – II. Art I. Ancient Judaism According to Gen 1–5, Adam and Eve were the first human couple. Although the two figures play a major role in ancient Judaism, their importance is often overrated. The tendency to see a widespread myth of Adam in Second Temple sources is connected with the pivotal role of Adam in the Pauline epistles (Rom 5; 1 Cor 15). The fall of Adam and Eve does not play a role in all schools of ancient Judaism. One significant strand of tradition, represented by Jubilees, 1 Enoch, and the Dead Sea Scrolls (cf. …


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Author(s): Blum, Erhard | Attridge, Harold W. | Anderson, Gary A. | Dan, Joseph | Nagel, Tilman
[German Version] I. Old Testament – II. New Testament – III. Judaism – IV. Qur’ān I. Old Testament 1. Name. The name אַבְרָהָם/ 'abrāhām is a by-form of אַבְרָם/ 'abrām or אֲבִירָם/ 'abîrām (Num 16:1, etc.). With the meaning "Father (= God) is exalted," it corresponds to a widely dispersed West-Semitic name pattern and, as a praise or confessional name, belongs in the realm of personal piety. The otherwise unattested extended form is interpreted in Gen 17:4f. in a popular etymology as "Father (אָב/ 'āb) of a multitude (הָמוֹן/ hāmôn) of nations" - in an entirely …

Adam, Books of

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Author(s): Anderson, Gary A.
[German Version] . The Books of Adam are a group of apocryphal sources which portray the life of Adam and Eve after their expulsion from the Garden of Eden. They have been preserved in six different languages: Greek ( Apoc. Adam), Latin ( Vita Adam), Armenian, Georgian, Slavonic, and Coptic. The date and origin of these texts are difficult to determine. There are indications of Christian authorship between 100 and 600 ce. The Latin text begins with the history of the repentance of Adam and Eve immediately after the expulsion. During …