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Zechariah, Book of

(642 words)

Author(s): Myers, Allen C.
1. Text The 11th and largest book of the Minor Prophets, Zechariah, divides into two distinct parts. Chapters 1–8 contain eight night visions concerning the restoration of Judah and Jerusalem, arranged chronologically beginning with October/November 520 b.c., and a series of oracles of the coming messianic age. Zechariah son of Berechiah son of Iddo was probably of priestly and possibly aristocratic background. He was likely among those who recently returned from captivity in Babylon and ministered until 518 b.c. during the reign of the Persian king Darius I. Concerned ab…

Wisdom Literature

(2,295 words)

Author(s): Kaiser, Otto | Myers, Allen C.
1. Term The Hebrew word ḥokmâ originally meant technical and intellectual understanding resting on experience. While statutes were associated with the priests, and the Word of God with the prophets, counsel typified the wise (Jer. 18:18). The quest for wisdom involves reflection on universal human concerns: the place of humanity within the world, especially the potential and limitations of the individual. In the Bible, it is the attempt to ascertain the meaning of life, to explore its difficult and painful mysteries, to engage i…