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Life and Work Movement

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Author(s): Döring, Heinrich
[German Version] The Life and Work Movement (LWM) was one of the three great ecumenical movements (along with the Faith and Order Movement and the World Mission Conferences) that led in 1948 to the establishment of the World Council of Churches. Following a preparatory conference in Geneva in 1920, the world conferences of the LWM were held in Stockholm on Aug 19–30, 1925, and in Oxford on Jul 12–26, 1937. Their purpose was to address political and social questions in the spirit of Christ and on t…


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Author(s): Ritschl, Dietrich | Luz, Ulrich | Mühlenberg, Ekkehard | Kallis, Anastasios | Döring, Heinrich
Overview Overview Christology is systematic reflection on the basis and significance of the apostolic witness to Jesus Christ, along with its expression and application throughout the history of the church. It has long been a classic part of theological teaching. It seeks to fashion explicit statements that can be tested and used in close connection with other central areas of Christian doctrine (e.g., Church; Anthropology; Justification; Hope; Ethics; Pastoral Theology). It begins, however, with implicit as well as explicit Christological statements. The…


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Author(s): Fahlbusch, Erwin | Roloff, Jürgen | Ritter, Adolf Martin | Papandreou, Damaskinos | Döring, Heinrich | Et al.
1. Subject, Tasks, and Problems of Ecclesiology 1.1. The Church of Faith The early confessions, following the NT, relate the church to the Holy Spirit as an object of the faith that is the Spirit’s work (“I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy church …”). The Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed characterizes the church as one, holy, catholic, and apostolic, while the Apostles’ Creed ¶ speaks of “the holy catholic church, the communion of saints.” Theological reflection in dogmatics develops these statements of faith into the doctrine of the church (ecclesiology…