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Author(s): Ed. | Kaye, A.S.
(etymology of this name obscure), a group of Arabs, of nomadic origin, found by early modern times (the 19th century) in the central Sudan belt of Africa, now coming within the countries bordering on Lake Chad, sc. western Chad, northeastern Nigeria, northern Cameroons and the southeastern tip of Niger. 1. History. Their origin was in Dārfūr and Wādāy [ q.vv.], and they migrated westwards at an unknown date, perhaps as early as the 14th century; in the 17th century they were present in Bagirmi [ q.v.] to the southeast of Lake Chad as that nation took shape. The earliest arrivals…


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Author(s): Hillelson, S. | Christides, V. | Bosworth, C.E. | Kaye, A.S. | Shahi, Ahmed al-
, the mediaeval Islamic form for the land of Nubia, lying to the south of Egypt, and its peoples. 1. Definition The names Nubia, Nubian, Nūba are commonly used without scientific precision and it is only in the linguistic sense that they have an unambiguous meaning. The frontier separating Nubia from Egypt proper is well defined as the first cataract of the Nile in the neighbourhood of Aswān, and the area where Nubian is spoken nowadays ends in the vicinity of the 18th parallel, but the southern limit of Nubia is so…


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Author(s): Daly, M.W. | Kaye, A.S.
, the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan and the modern Republic of Sudan. 1. History and political development. The republic takes its name from the mediaeval Arab geographers’ bilād al-Sūdān , a sub-Saharan belt of which eastern and Nilotic lands were conquered by Muḥammad ʿAlī [ q.v.] of Egypt and his successors. This “Egyptian Sudan” came to comprise territory from the Red Sea to the western marches of Dār Fūr [ q.v.], and from Nubia [see nūba ] to the African Great Lakes. Thus although the present republic has an older political identity than most African…


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Author(s): Triaud, J.-L. | Kaye, A.S.
, Bilād al- , literally “land of the blacks”, the general name in pre-modern Arabic sources for the Saharo-Sahelian sector of Africa, that lying south of the Mag̲h̲rib, Libya and Egypt and stretching from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the Red Sea in the east. 1. The eastern part of the Sūdān. See for this, čad in Suppl; dārfūr ; kordofān ; nūba ; wādāy ; and for the modern period, sūdān , the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan and the modern Republic of Sudan. 2. History of the Western Sūdān. It is by the name Bilād al-Sūdān al-G̲h̲arbī (although the “western” qualification is n…