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Author(s): Papenheim, Martin | Hafner, Jochen
Papenheim, Martin I. The English and American Revolutions (CT) [German version] A. Introduction (CT) Reference to Greek and Roman Antiquity in philosophy, art and rhetoric during the revolutionary upheavals of the 17th and 18th cents. is unmistakable and more influential than any link to other ancient cultures. The Germanic tradition was nevertheless able to play an important role in the constitutional history of England and indirectly that of America in the course of those centuries. In France, too, that t…

Theology and the Christian Church

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Author(s): Merkt, Andreas (Mainz) | Sj, Lothar Lies | Markschies, Christoph (Berlin) | Hafner, Jochen
Merkt, Andreas (Mainz) I. History of Theology (CT) [German version] A. Basic Concept (CT) The history of theology (HT) is that area of theological studies which examines the history of the development of theological ideas. The need for this study in the theory of Christianity arises principally from theological and anthropological considerations. First, according to Christian belief, God himself took on an historical form in Jesus of Nazareth; scholarly reflection on this religion demands, therefore, an hist…