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Author(s): Schuler, Christoph (Tübingen)
[German version] This item can be found on the following maps: Theatre | Education / Culture Lycian town in the Arycandus valley north of Finice. Finds (sepulchres, ceramics) commence in the classical period, but the place name indicates a greater age. Verified as a polis at the beginning of the 2nd cent. BC [2. no. 1], A. minted Lycian confederate coins after 167 BC. Excavations prove A.'s prosperity in the imperial age [1]. A copy of the petition of AD 312 by Lycians and Pamphylians against Christians was fou…


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Author(s): Brandt, Hartwin (Chemnitz) | Schuler, Christoph (Tübingen)
(Τερμησσός/ Termēssós). [German version] [1] City in south-west Pisidia This item can be found on the following maps: Theatre | Lycii, Lycia | Pompeius | Education / Culture City in southwest Pisidia, the biggest polis in Pisidia along with Sagalassus and Selge, located at a height of c. 1000 m on Mount Solymos (modern Güllük Dağı, 35 km northwest of Antalya). Mythically, T. was associated with Bellerophontes and the Solymi, and T. based its tradition on the hero Solymos (coins: [1]). In the sources, T. is attested in the context of Alexande…


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Author(s): Schuler, Christoph (Tübingen) | Sonnabend, Holger (Stuttgart) | Brentjes, Burchard (Berlin) | Treidler, Hans (Berlin)
(Δαίδαλα; Daídala). [German version] [1] Fortified settlement north-west of Telmessus This item can be found on the following maps: Lycii, Lycia Fortified settlement north-west of Telmessus in the border region between Lycia and Caria, the eastern part of the Rhodian Peraea [2. 54-57, 97f.]. References: Str. 14,2,2; 3,1; Liv. 37,22,3; Steph. Byz. s.v. D.; Plin. HN 5,103. D. is identified with the ruins of Inlice Asarı [1. 32f.]; for location cf. Ptol. 5,3; Stadiasmos maris magni 256f.; inscriptions are lacking (orig…