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Funeral music

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Author(s): Kremer, Joachim
1. Definition Funeral music is the most voluminous genre of occasional composition. Throughout its history, music has been used on occasions of mourning. There are two categories within this use in the early modern era: polyphonic pieces composed for specific occasions, and the singing of standard hymns (as in the accompaniment of the funeral procession, for example). These “funeral dirges” were often set pieces assigned teachers and students and, like the polyphonic funeral music, reflected the a…
Date: 2019-10-14

Occasional composition

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Author(s): Kremer, Joachim
1. DefinitionLike occasional verse, occasional compositions are written for special occasions, such as births (Childbirth), weddings, deaths, and church or political memorial days. They thus form part of festival culture in the broadest sense, and are dependent on the constant evolution of festival customs. It follows from this that such compositions were placed in a situative context greater than the work itself, one that the music itself recalls or permits to be recalled a posteriori. This is apparent, for instance, from the high regard for occasional works in th…
Date: 2020-04-06

Music society

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Author(s): Kremer, Joachim
1. Concept The modern term “music society” encompasses many very different kinds of institutions that bring together music-related interests (of a scholarly, artistic, or practical nature) into a society with an equally wide range of influences in the public sphere. During the early modern period, these might take the form of a circle of scholars, a club-like institution, or a concert society [1]. Although many societies, such as the academy of 16th-century northern Italy [4], operated under the aegis of the ruling dynasty or the urban or clerical nobility, music …
Date: 2020-04-06

Music, ecclesiastical

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Author(s): Kremer, Joachim | Sparn, Walter | Fischer, Michael | Petzoldt, Martin | Totzke, Irenaeus
1. IntroductionThe term ecclesiastical or church music encompasses all music that is heard within Christian churches. This purely functional sense implies no musical genres or stylistic properties. The abundance of manifestations of music in the Catholic (see below, 5.2.), Protestant (see below, 5.3.), and Orthodox churches (see below, 5.4.) precludes an absolute definition valid across the whole of history. Using the term “spiritual music” makes matters no easier, for spiritual music need not be…
Date: 2020-04-06