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Ṭog̲h̲ri̊l (III)

(696 words)

Author(s): Houtsma, M.T. | Bosworth, C.E.
b. Arslan b. Ṭog̲h̲ri̊l (II), Rukn al-Dunyā wa ’l-Dīn, last Great Sald̲j̲ūḳ ruler in the West, reigned 571-90/1175-94. Born in 564/1168-9, when still a boy he was raised to the throne by the Ildegizid Atabeg Nuṣrat al-Dīn Pahlawān [ q.v.], after his father had been poisoned to thwart his endeavour to escape the burdensome tutelage of the Atabeg (cf. Houtsma, Some remarks on the history of the Sald̲j̲uks , in AO, iii, 140-1). It was only on the death of Pahlawān in 581 or 582/1186 that Ṭog̲h̲ri̊l, now grown up, who had enjoyed a careful education and was distinguis…

Ṭog̲h̲ri̊l (II)

(485 words)

Author(s): Houtsma, M.T.
b. Muḥammad b. Malik S̲h̲āh, Rukn al-Dunyā wa ’l-Dīn, brother of the Sald̲j̲ūḳ sultan in the West, Maḥmūd [ q.v.], and himself briefly ruler in ʿIrāḳ under the patronage of his uncle Sand̲j̲ar b. Malik S̲h̲āh [ q.v.], sultan in the East and head of the Sald̲j̲ūḳ family (ruled 526-9/1132-4). Born in 503/1109, he received as Atabeg or guardian from his father Sulṭān Muḥammad the amīr S̲h̲īrgīr and received as his fief a large part of the province of D̲j̲ibāl with the towns of Sāwa, Ḳazwīn, Abhar, Zand̲j̲ān, Ṭālaḳān, e…