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Author(s): Polfer, Michel (Ettelbrück)
[German version] Ligurian/Celtic tribe in Aquitania (after Diocletian's reform in the province of Novempopulana) on both banks of the lower Garumna (Amm. Marc. 15,11,14: Vasatae; Ptol. 2,7,15: Οὐασάτιοι/ Ouasátioi); neighbours of the Bituriges Vivisci to the north, the Nitiobriges to the east and south, the Tarbelli to the southwest, and the Boeates in the west. Identification of the V. with the Vocates mentioned in Caes. B Gall. 3,23,7 is uncertain, these may rather have been the Boeates. The V. were one of the four peoples of southern Aquitania who at the time of the founding of the Ara …


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Author(s): Polfer, Michel (Ettelbrück)
[German version] This item can be found on the following maps: Theatre | Caesar | Christianity | | Coloniae | Gallia/Gaul | Rome | Batavian Revolt City in Gallia Narbonensis on both banks of the Rhodanus (modern Rhône) at the confluence with the Gère, modern Vienne (in the département of Isère) on the left bank and Saint-Romain-en-Gal and Sainte-Colombe (both in the département of Rhône) on the right bank. Late Celtic settlement of the Allobroges with an oppidum on the Pipet and Sainte-Blandine hills and a trading place at the confluence of the Gère. I…


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Author(s): Polfer, Michel (Ettelbrück)
[German version] (modern Oléron, in the département of Charente-Maritime). Island in the Aquitanicus Sinus (modern Biscaya; Plin. HN 4,109;  Sid. Apoll. Epist. 8,6,12; Geogr. Rav 5,33), near the mouth of the Garumna. It assignment to the territory of the Santoni and hence to  Aquitania is hypothetical. Polfer, Michel (Ettelbrück) Bibliography P. Merlat, s. v. U., RE 9 A, 533 f.


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Author(s): Polfer, Michel (Ettelbrück)
[English version] Vorort einer civitas in Aquitania, h. Lectoure (Département Gers), südl. von Aginnum (h. Agen). Weitere Namensbelege: Lacturatis, Notae Tironianae 87,77; Lactura, Itin. Anton. 462,5; Lactora, Tab. Peut. 2,2; Lacura, Geogr. Rav. 4,41; in provincia Novempopulana ... civitas Lactoratium, Notitia Galliarum 14; ordo Lactor( atium), CIL XIII 511. Ältestes histor. Zeugnis ist eine Ehreninschr. von 105 n.Chr., die einen procurat( or) provinciarum Lugduniensis et Aquitanicae item Lactorae nennt (CIL V 875 = ILS 1374). 22 Altäre belegen für das 2. und 3. Jh.n.Chr. ein t…
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