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Author(s): De Robertis, Teresa (Florence)
[German version] Literally 'a heading in red letters', using terra rubrica (lit. 'red earth'), i.e. red chalk, iron clay or ochre (σινωπίς/ sinōpís; Lat. miltus; cf. Plin. HN 35,12 f., but there sinopis; also Hor. Sat. 2,7,98; Aug. Quaestiones de Exodo 177,23); in a wider sense 'red marking' with other materials, such as red lead or mercury sulphate cf. Plaut. Truc. 294; Fortunatus, Carmina 8,12,12), or even blood (referring to to the sufferings of Christ and the martyrs: Fortunatus, Vita S. Martini 2,463); hence also rubrica in the sense of 'wound, whip marks' (Ioh. Diaconus, Vita Gregor…

Writing styles

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Author(s): Eleuteri, Paolo (Venice) | Menci, Giovanna (Florence) | De Robertis, Teresa (Florence)
[German version] I. Definition The concept of writing styles (WS) is used in Greek palaeography to classify certain frequently used and constantly recurring script types. The concept of style (or style levels or stylization level) also encompasses the various calligraphic levels of a hand. In Latin palaeography, however, WS are rarely talked of; instead, stylization or the type of a script are used to differentiate between book hands. Eleuteri, Paolo (Venice) II. Greek Writing Styles [German version] A. Classification Since the work of Turner [5], the following criteria a…