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Negative Theology

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Author(s): Stolina, Ralf
[German Version] I. Early Church Negative or apophatic theology (Gk ϑεολογία ἀποϕατική/ theología apophatikḗ) originated as a (neo)platonic methodology using denial or negation (ἀπόϕασις/ apóphasis) to attain a mode of thinking and speaking appropriate to the supreme form of being or the divine One, as well as a vision of or union (ἕνωσις/ hénōsis) with it. Negative theology thus represents a mystagogic path of knowledge, leading to the divine mystery. The basic principle of negative theology is that the divine One “is,” beyond being (ἐπέκεινα τῆς οὐσίας/ epékeina tḗs ousías), beyon…


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Author(s): Hock, Klaus | Janowski, Bernd | Günter, Röhser | Stolina, Ralf | Stroh, Ralf
[German Version] I. Religious Studies – II. Bible – III. Dogmatics – IV. Ethics I. Religious Studies While (re)conciliation as an instrument for reaching an amicable settlement in a lawsuit has echoes of the legal ¶ dimension of expiation, the meaning of expiation (appeasement, pacification) refers first of all to the (re)establishment of an undisturbed state or of a “sound” relationship. In contrast to atonement (Re…