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Author(s): Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum)
Celtic composite name from cot -- ‘old’ (Evans, 340-342). [German version] [1] Leader of an army of Carnutes Leader of an army of Carnutes, who in 52 BC attacked and murdered Roman merchants in Cenabum together with Conconnetodumnus. As a deterrent, Caesar had him cruelly executed (Caes. B. Gall. 7,3; 8,38). Conconnetodumnus Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum)


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Author(s): Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum)
[German version] (Βρογίταρος; Brogítaros). Celtic compound name from brogi ‘land’ and taros ‘bull’ [1. 276f.; 2. 159]. Tetrarch of the Galatian  Trocmi (OGIS 349), husband of Adobogiona II, daughter of  Deiotarus I. P. In 58 BC, as people's tribune,  Clodius [I 4] Pulcher sold him for a great deal of money the priestly office of Magna Mater of  Pessinus and the title of king, which he had accepted in a plebiscite (Cic. Sest. 26,56; Har. resp. 28-29; Dom. 50,129; Ad Q. fr. 2,7 (9); Str. 12,5,2). The title …


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Author(s): Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum)
[German version] (Greek Μάγιλος; Mágilos). Celtic name from maglo-, ‘prince’ [1. 234]. Chief of the Boii who offered himself to Hannibal [4] in 217 BC as an ally and leader for the crossing of the Alps (Pol. 3,44,5; Liv. 21,29,6). Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum) Bibliography 1 Schmidt.


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Author(s): Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum)
[German version] Celtic name compound from cavar ‘powerful, strong’ [1. 331-332]. Noble Aeduan, as a successor of  Litaviccus in 52 BC commander of an infantry contingent of his tribe for Caesar. C. defected to Vercingetorix and was captured in battle together with Cotus and  Eporedorix (Caes. B Gall. 7,67,7). Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum) Bibliography 1 Evans. H. Bannert, s.v. C., RE Suppl. 15, 87-88.


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Author(s): Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum)
[German version] (Λεωννώριος/ Leōnnṓrios; Λεωννόριος/ Leōnnórios; Latin Lonorius). Galatian tribal prince; his name is Celtic. As leader of the Tolistobogii along with Lutarius, L. led a nomadic group of c. 20,000 people, who had broken away from the army of Brennus [2] in 279/278 and moved through Thrace and the Propontis and pressed Byzantium. The Celts were able to force many of the cities of the Propontis and the Thracian Chersonesus [1] to pay tributes, but were then taken on as mercenaries by Nicomedes I of Bithyni…


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Author(s): Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum)
[German version] Celtic name compound (see Cavarillus). King of the Senones, appointed by Caesar as a successor to his brother Moritasgus. In 54 BC, condemned to death by his own tribe, he had to flee. A year later he did, however, again lead a Senonian cavalry contingent on Caesar's side against  Ambiorix (Caes. B Gall. 5,54,2; 6,5,2). Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum)


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Author(s): Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum)
[German version] SR is the English term for the Romanisation of German scholarship, whereas in its original sense English Romanization is Romanisierung in German. While the latter emphasizes an active and intentional policy of the Romans in respect of peoples they ruled over, SR describes a dynamic process also implying that socially significant groups in Roman provinces have the desire to adopt the Latin language and the culture, lifestyles and religious practices of the Romans [1. 147 ff.]. The concept of SR refl…


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Author(s): Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum)
[German version] A Boian; in AD 69, as ‘self-styled saviour and divine protector’ of Gaul, he instigated an uprising in the territory of the Haedui; this was put down by Vitellius. M. was executed (Tac. Hist. 2,61). Haedui; Boii Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum)


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Author(s): Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum)
[German version] Celtic name containing the morpheme sego-, 'power, strength, audacity' (cf. also CIL II 2871: Secovesus [1. 254-255; 2. 1452]). Brother of Bellovesus and son of Ambigatus' sister. According to the Celtic migration legend recorded in Livy (5,34,3-6), it fell to S.' lot to advance with his group eastwards into the Hercynian Forest (Hercynia silva) in about 600 BC. According to ancient tradition, modern southern Germany was as a consequence settled by Celts. The historical content of this legend is highly disputed. Celts Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum) Bibliography…


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Author(s): Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum)
[German version] Celtic name of a young nobleman of the Haedui [2. 360-362] who was persuaded by the vergobretus Convictolitavis in 52 BC to desert Caesar. Through lies, L. then got a contingent of 10,000 men under his command to join the Arverni. However, Caesar pre-empted L.'s military campaign with four legions and cavalry and was able to drive the rebels back to the Roman camp. L. then fled to Gergovia (Caes. B Gall. 7,37-40; 54,1; 55,4; 67,7; Cass. Dio 40,37,1-3). Coins [1. 436-437]. Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum) Bibliography 1 J. R. Colbert de Beaulieu, Les monnaies gauloises au …


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Author(s): Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum)
[German version] (Draptes). Celtic or pre-Celtic name; leader of the Senones (Evans, 445-446). Together with the Cadurcian Lucterius, D. tried to invade the Gallic provincia in 51 BC. Pursued by Roman forces, the Gallic troops entrenched themselves at Uxellodunum. In an attempt to resupply the city, D. was blocked and captured by C. Caninius Rebilus. He thereupon committed suicide (Caes. B Gall. 8,30-36; 44,2; Oros. 6,11,20-22).  Senones;  Uxellodunum Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum)


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Author(s): Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum)
[German version] (Γαιζατόριξ, Γεζατόριος; Gaizatórix, Gezatórios). Celtic name, ‘lord of the Gaesati (spear bearers)’ [2. 215]. Leader of the Galates, who in 180 BC together with  Cassignatus approached Eumenes II for help against  Pharnaces of Pontus. Eumenes refused, as the Galates had previously sided with the latter (Pol. 24,14; 25,2). A region in western Paphlagonia may also have been named after G. (Str. 12,3,41). Regarding a forged silver coin of the ‘Boian king’ Gesatorix, see [1. 77-79]. Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum) Bibliography 1 R. Göbl, Typologie und Chronolo…


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Author(s): Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum)
[German version] Celtic composite name of unclear meaning, ‘he who strikes deep wounds’? [1. 74-75; 2. 219]. Together with  Cotuatus, C. was the leader of a band of Carnutes who in 52 BC, killed and looted the merchants resident in  Cenabum, including the eques C.  Fufius Cita (Caes. B Gall. 7,3,1). C. is not identical with the Congonnetodubnus attested in Saintes (CIL XIII 1040; 1042-1045) [2. 181]. Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum) Bibliography 1 Evans 2  Schmidt.


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Author(s): Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum)
[German version] (Celtic compound name: ‘with physical deficiencies’ [1. 369]). In 58 BC,  N. and  Verucloetius were the leaders of a Helvetian delegation to  Caesar, which asked permission to march through the  Provincia Narbonensis. (Caes. Gall. 1,7,3). Helvetii; Narbonensis Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum) Bibliography 1 Evans.


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Author(s): Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum)
[German version] (Ἀνηροέστης, Ἀνηρόεστος; Anēroéstēs, Anēróestos). Celtic name, perhaps a variant of Anarevisios (‘very wise’). King of the  Gaesates, committed suicide after the defeat of the Celtic army at Telamon (225 BC) (Pol. 2,22,2; 2,26,5; 2,31,2; Flor. 1,20: Ariovisto duce). Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum) Bibliography Schmidt, 126, 131.


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Author(s): Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum)
[German version] Leader of the Suebi in 58 BC, name Germanic (?), brother to Cimberius (Caes. B Gall. 1,37,3). Ariovistus; Suebi Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum)


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Author(s): Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum)
[German version] Celtic name (cf. Mal(l)orix). Prince of the Marsi who had subjugated himself to the Romans and who betrayed to Germanicus [2] in AD 15 the hiding place of the eagle standard of one of the fallen legions of Quinctilius Varus (Tac. Ann. 2,25). Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum)


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Author(s): Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum)
[German version] Celtic tribe in the Roman province of Gallia Narbonensis in the area between the Rhodanus and the Druna (modern département of Drôme). With the founding of the province the S. were absorbed into the civitas Valentinorum or the colonia Valentia founded under Caesar or Augustus (Plin. HN 3,34; Ptol. 2,10,12: Σεγαλλαυνοί). Str. 4,1,11 subsumes them under the name Cavari. Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum) Bibliography Evans, 254-257, 272-277  J. Whatmough, The Dialects of Ancient Gaul, 1970, 80, 185  G. Barruol, Les peuples préromains du sud-est de la Gaule, in…


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Author(s): Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum)
[German version] Celtic compound name (‘rich in land’?) [1. 48-49; 2. 124]. Prince of the  Eburones, freed by Caesar from the rule of the  Aduatuci and at first ally of the Romans. In 54 BC he destroyed together with Catuvolcus 15 newly recruited Roman cohorts under the legates Q. Titurius Sabinus and L. Aurunculeius Cotta on the march to the encampment of Q. Tullius  Cicero by convincing Sabinus to leave the secure winter encampment in the Eburonian territory (Caes. B Gall. 5,27,2-11). A. therefo…


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Author(s): Spickermann, Wolfgang (Bochum)
[German version] Germanic female seer who played a significant part in the Batavian Revolt in AD 69/70 ( Iulius [II 43] Civilis). According to Tacitus, she was part of the Bructeri tribe and lived in a high tower on the River Lippe ( Lupia; Tac. Hist. 4,61,2; 5,22,3). Among the tribes to the east of the Rhine, she was worshipped as divine and was invoked as an arbiter (Tac. Germ. 8,2 f.; Tac. Hist. 4,65). Petillius [II 1] Cerialis made her a secret offer of peace. Tacitus gives a satirical account of how some of the Batavi in oppositio…
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