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2.6.10. Luwian cultural sphere

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Author(s): Aro, Sanna | Wittke, Anne-Maria
A. Definition [German source] The ‘Luwian cultural sphere’ refers to the presumed settlement area of the LBA (until the 12th cent.) and EIA (12th–7th/6th cents.) Luwians. The distribution of the Luwian language in the LBA suggests that their territory may have covered much of Asia Minor (cf. BNP Atlas 22), while linguistic monuments and outside written sources indicate that it eventually was confined to what is now central southern and southeastern Turkey in the EIA. Immediately after the collapse of the Hittite Empire around 1200/1180,  Neo-Hittite successor states emerged in t…
Date: 2018-08-16

2.6.11. Tuwana and Karatepe

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Author(s): Aro, Sanna
[German source] Tuwana is the name given to a region of southeast central Anatolia, ringed to the south and southwest by the Taurus Mountains. Other ‘frontiers’ cannot be established in detail, particularly given that they probably fluctuated over time. The centre was the city of Tuwana, which Hittite texts call Tuwanuwa [11447–449]; [10176]. The name also occurs in Phoenician as  twn [16316], and it lived on in the Classical Period as Tyana (Kemerhisar). Modern overbuilding limits the scope for archaeological investigation [5]; [17]. Excavations at  Kınık Höyük near Altunhisar [14…
Date: 2018-08-16

2.6.9. East central Asia Minor

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Author(s): Aro, Sanna | Wittke, Anne-Maria
A. Location, geography and settlement [German source] East central Asia Minor, which in the time of the Hittite Empire (13th cent.) was the heartland of  Ḫattusa and the northern part of the ‘Lower Land’, can be roughly divided into two cultural and linguistic zones for the EIA and MIA, separated approximately by the southern arc of the Halys (Kızılırmak).The northern zone, the so-called inner Halys arc, which today is a plateau exhibiting mostly steppe vegetation, was more heavily forested in Antiquity and contained many settlement clusters. To the n…
Date: 2018-08-16