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2.6.1. Overview: Asia Minor

(3,341 words)

Author(s): Blum, Hartmut | Wittke, Anne-Maria
A. Terminology and geographical definition [German source] The present-day terms for the peninsula west of the Euphrates did not appear until after the period under consideration here (12th–6th cents.). The name Asia Minor was first used by Ptolemy in the 2nd century ad ( mikrà Asía, Ptol. Tetrabiblos 2,3,17; 2,3,20 Feraboli) and then again by Orosius in the 5th century ad (1,2,26: Asia minor). The name Anatolia (from Greek  anatolḗ: ‘sunrise’, ‘east’), which sometimes refers only to the interior, dates back to medieval Byzantium (summary [3525 f.]). The original name,  Asía/Asíē …
Date: 2018-08-16