Brill’s New Jacoby, Second Edition


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Krateros the Macedonian (342)

(17,957 words)

Author(s): Carawan, Edwin
This entry was prepared by Edwin Carawan and published on 1 November 2017. About this Historian Historian: Krateros the Macedonian Jacoby number: 342 Attested works: On Decrees: T1a-5a; T6; F7-10; F13-16b; F20 Historian's date: 3rd century BC Historical focus: III. History of Cities and Peoples (Horography and Ethnography) | B. Authors on Single Cities and Regions | XI. Athens Place of origin: Macedonia Abbreviations: ATL: B.D. Meritt, H.T. Wade-Gery and M.F. McGregor, The Athenian Tribute Lists 4 vols. (Cambridge, MA and Princeton 1939–53) Erdas: D. Erdas, Cratero il Macedone. T…

Xenokrates (248)

(1,634 words)

Author(s): Mori, Anatole
This entry was prepared by Anatole Mori and published on 1 October 2016. About this Historian Historian: Xenokrates Jacoby number: 248 Attested works: Historian's date: Uncertain Historical focus: II. Chronography (Political-Military History) | D. Chronologies Place of origin: Unknown   BNJ 248 F 1 Source: Etymologicum Magnum 157, 51 Work mentioned: Chronicles Source language: Greek Source genre: Etymology - Library of Congress Fragment subject: Chronology, Historical - Library of Congress Geography, Ancient - Library of Congress Source date: 12th century AD Textual base: …