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SEG 62-724. Lokroi Epizephyrioi (area of: Centocamere). Label (owner’s name?) on a lead tablet, 5th/4th cent. B.C.

(263 words)

Author(s): Chaniotis, A. | Corsten, T. | Papazarkadas, N. | Tybout, R.A.
⇐ Previous Browse ⇑ Next ⇒ Entry SEG XLIX 1357. L.Del Monaco, ZPE 183 (2012) 138/139 (ph.), reads Ἰ̣κίō Βαβα (name and patronymic) instead of ἐν (or ελ) ϙ⟨υ⟩βάβας (reference to Kybele/Kybaba). The previously unattested name Ἴκ(κ)ιος is …

Proper Names (beta)

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Author(s): Editorial Board,
Proper Names Β-- Β--- Βα Βα-- Βα[--] Βᾶ Βαhιλίδας Βαα-- Βααθ Βαακος Βααλθηγα Βααλσιαληχ Βααλσίλληχ Βαανης Βαάνης Βαανος Βααρας Βααρλας: Αὐρ. Β. Βαβα Βάβα Βαβαειν Βαβαεις Βαβάθ Βαβαθας Βαβαθευμήνης Βαβαῖος Βαβας Βαβᾶς? Βάβας Βάβας? Βαβ…