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SEG 46-2041-2046. Sinai (Firan). Christian epitaphs and rock-cut inscriptions, ca. 500-600 A.D.

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Author(s): Chaniotis, A. | Pleket, H.W. | Stroud, R.S. | Strubbe, J.H.M.
⇐ Previous Browse ⇑ Next ⇒ Entry Two epitaphs found within the walls of the central church on the Ğabal Taḫuna and four groups of graffiti cut into a single protruding rock on a slope slightly above the church. A.Reichert, ByzZ 89 (1…

SEG 7-381-430. Dura-Europos. Ε rationibus Aur. Nebucheli mercatoris Dureni, a. 235/40p.

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Author(s): Hondius, J.J.E.
⇐ Previous Browse ⇑ Next ⇒ Entry In domo privata (‘ La maison des archives’). Ed. C. B. Welles, Rep. IV 79 sqq., n. 181 sqq.; cf. eundem et Μ. I. Rostovtzeff, CRAI 1931, 162/88. Apparatus criticus Supersunt haec e rationibus Aur. Nebuche…

Proper Names (beta)

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Author(s): Editorial Board,
Proper Names Β-- Β--- Βα Βα-- Βα[--] Βᾶ Βαhιλίδας Βαα-- Βααθ Βαακος Βααλθηγα Βααλσιαληχ Βααλσίλληχ Βαανης Βαάνης Βαανος Βααρας Βααρλας: Αὐρ. Β. Βαβα Βάβα Βαβαειν Βαβαεις Βαβάθ Βαβαθας Βαβαθευμήνης Βαβαῖος Βαβας Βαβᾶς? Βάβας Βάβας? Βαβ…