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SEG 46-764. Lete. Dedication to the Egyptian deities, ca. 200-170 B.C.

(685 words)

Author(s): Chaniotis, A. | Pleket, H.W. | Stroud, R.S. | Strubbe, J.H.M.
⇐ Previous Browse ⇑ Next ⇒ Entry Fragment found built into the wall of a church at Laina; now lost. P.N.Papageorgiou, Athena 18 (1906) 35-38. Hatzopoulos, Macedonian Institutions II 94/95 no. 80 (ph.), presents a new critical e…

(Para-)Military Terms (delta)

(214 words)

Author(s): Editorial Board,
(Para-)Military Terms Δακικός, πόλεμος Δαλμάτης (Dalmatian cavalry) δαμάζω δεκαδάρχης δεκαδάρχης δεκάδαρχος δεκάδαρχος ἄλης δεκανία δεκανία δεκανικός δεκανός δέκανος δεκανός δέκαρχος δεκάς δεκάτα δεκαταρχέω δεκάταρχος δέκιμα…

Important Words (delta)

(3,651 words)

Author(s): Editorial Board,
Important Words δᾳδουχέω δάερ δαήρ δαίδαλον δαίδιον δαιδουχέω δαΐζω δαινύζω δαίνυμι δαΐς Δαίσιος δαίτη δαιτίς δαιτρεύω δακκύλιος δάκνω δάκρυ δάκρυ: λύπης δάκρυ δακρυόεις δάκρυ(ον) δάκρυον δάκρυ(ον) κατὰ δάκρυον εἴβων δάκρυ: ὑστάτ…

SEG 55-2057. Politics. Public security in Imperial Asia Minor.

(893 words)

Author(s): Chaniotis, A. | Corsten, T. | Stroud, R.S. | Tybout, R.A.
⇐ Previous Browse ⇑ Next ⇒ Entry Cf. SEG 53 2161 and 2210; 54 1868. C.Brélaz, La sécurité publique en Asie Mineure sous le Principat (Ier-IIIème s. ap. J.-C.). Institutions municipales et institutions impériales dans l’Orient romain (Ba…

SEG 59-492. Tanagra (area of: Delion). List of ephebes and agonothetai, early 3rd cent. A.D. (ca. 222-235 A.D.).

(2,172 words)

Author(s): Chaniotis, A. | Corsten, T. | Papazarkadas, N. | Tybout, R.A.
⇐ Previous Browse ⇑ Next ⇒ Entry Marble pedimental stele; a rosette in the pediment, akroteria on the sides; engraved symbols to the right of the text (three branches along LL. 7, 10-13, 33-37; one jug along…