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SEG 49-2006-2029. Qalaat Faqra (north/northeast of Berytos).

(2,455 words)

Author(s): Chaniotis, A. | Pleket, H.W. | Stroud, R.S. | Strubbe, J.H.M.
⇐ Previous Browse ⇑ Next ⇒ Entry J.-P.Rey-Coquais, TOPOI 9, 2 (1999) 629-664, (re)publishes the following inscriptions from this site. The inscriptions date from the middle of the 3rd cent. A.D., except where otherwise indicated. Bibli…

Proper Names (rho)

(1,245 words)

Author(s): Editorial Board,
Proper Names --ρ Ρ-- Ῥ-- Ῥ---- --ρα Ῥα-- Ῥάvτης Ῥααιος, Σωβαιος Ῥ. Ῥαβάθα Ραβανης Ραβαος --ραβας Ῥαββῆλ Ραββηλος Ῥάββηλος Ραββομος Ραββος Ράββος Ῥάββος Ῥαββουλᾶ Ραββους Ραββους (gen.) Ράβεβος Ῥαβεβος Ῥαβειβηλος Ῥάβη Ῥαβηλος Ῥάβηλος Ῥ…