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State Succession in Africa: Selected Problems (Volume 200)

(51,345 words)

Author(s): Makonnen, Yilma
Makonnen, Yilma Keywords: Africa | State succession | South West Africa | Mots clefs: Afrique | Succession d états | Sud-Ouest africain | ABSTRACT Yilma Makonnen, from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Geneva, builds his course on selected issues of State succession in Africa into three main chapters. The first concerns general problems of State succession, with particular emphasis on issues related to the definition, types of State succession and theories of State succession. The autho…

La solution des problèmes de statut personnel dans le droit des pays arabes et africains (Volume 159)

(38,401 words)

Author(s): El Dine Tarazi, Salah
El Dine Tarazi, Salah Keywords: Africa | Personal status | Arab States | Mots clefs: Afrique | Statut personnel | Pays arabes | ABSTRACT Salah El Dine Tarazi notes in the introduction to his course that the law of personal status is, as a subject of study in the Arab and African countries, mixed with certain originality due to the intervention of an important historical and sociological factor, Islam, which gave rise to a monument: Muslim Law. Throughout the sixteen chapters, the author presents Islam and Islamic law as well as the evolution of personal status in Arab and African countries. Sal…

The African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights A Legal Analysis (Volume 194)

(102,694 words)

Author(s): G. Bello, Emmanuel
G. Bello, Emmanuel Keywords: Africa | Human rights | African Charter on Human and People's Rights (Banjul, 27 June 1981) | Mots clefs: Afrique | Droits de l homme | Charte africaine des droits de l homme et des peuples | ABSTRACT Emmanuel G. Bello, Legal Advisor at the Ministry of Justice in Harare, devotes his course to legal analysis of the African Charter on Human Rights and Peoples’ Rights, which was concluded in 1981. Emmanuel Bello notes that the charter reflects the will of OAU members in their effort to distinguish themselves fr…

Le fédéralisme africain (Volume 126)

(27,150 words)

Author(s): Thiam, Doudou
Thiam, Doudou Keywords: Africa | Federalism | Mots clefs: Afrique | Fédéralisme | ABSTRACT Doudou Thiam points out, in the introduction to his course on African Federalism, that problem arises and to which it is necessary to given an answer is as follows: what is, in the present state (in 1969), the form of federalism that best corresponds to the sociological data of the continent? This question is at the center of the debate that inspires various African fractions. To answer this question, the author first focuses on African federal states and then on regional organizations in Africa. Le pr…

Pan-Africanism and International Law (Volume 369)

(69,532 words)

Author(s): A. Yusuf, Abdulqawi
A. Yusuf, Abdulqawi Keywords: Africa | Pan-africanism | Organization of African Unity | African Union | Public international law | International law | Universalism | Decolonization | Regionalism | Public law | International law and domestic law | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT In this course, the author outlines and analyzes Africa’s encounters through various stages in the evolution of Pan-Africanism from a diaspora-based movement to groupings of independent States and intergovernmental organizations that promote African unity through social, e…

The Afro-Asian World and the Law of Nations (Historical Aspects) (Volume 123)

(33,426 words)

Author(s): H. Alexandrowicz, C.
H. Alexandrowicz, C. Keywords: Africa | Public international law | Asia | Mots clefs: Afrique | Droit international public | Asie | ABSTRACT The course of C.H. Alexandrowicz course aims at examining the circumstances in which the countries of Asia and Africa entered into the orbit of public international law, and at studying the legal institutions performing this entry or accompanying it. The author focuses in the first case on Asian countries and then on African countries. Le cours de C.H. Alexandrowicz a pour objet d'examiner les circonstances dans lesquelles les pays …

Problèmes de droit international privé de l’Afrique noire indépendante (Volume 112)

(30,076 words)

Author(s): Francescakis, Ph.
Francescakis, Ph. Keywords: Africa | Private international law | Mots clefs: Afrique | Droit international privé | ABSTRACT The development agenda invites the black African States to act on their private law. Ph. Franceskakis asks what type of action takes place in the private international law? It is this question of legislative policy that constitutes the framework of reflection of the course. The author initially focuses on the pre-independence situation, internal conflicts after independence, and international conflicts after independence. Le programme du développement…

Indigenization Measures and Multinational Corporations in africa (Volume 171)

(21,938 words)

Author(s): Adedayo Ijalaye, David
Adedayo Ijalaye, David Keywords: Africa | Multinational enterprises | Mots clefs: Afrique | Entreprises internationales | ABSTRACT David Adedayo Ijalaye explains in the introduction to his course that the laws and policies of nationalization of multinational corporations in African countries are created from the desire to consolidate political independence through economic independence. The author, after presenting the nature of the problem, examines several cases of nationalization policies in Africa, including…