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Aggression, Intervention and Self-Defence in Modern International Law (Volume 136)

(30,868 words)

Author(s): M. Schwebel, S.
M. Schwebel, S. Keywords: Aggression | Self-defence | Use of force | International relations | Intervention | Mots clefs: Agression | Défense légitime | Force | Relations internationales | Intervention et non-intervention | ABSTRACT S.M. Schwebel's course deals with the issues of aggression, intervention, and self-defence in the context of the question of the definition of aggression. After a first chapter on the need and importance of the definition of the concept of aggression, the author examines several types of approaches t…

La Convention pour lʼassistance financière aux États victimes dʼagression (Volume 34)

(30,678 words)

Author(s): John Fischer Williams, Sir
John Fischer Williams, Sir Keywords: States | Aggression | Financial and technical aid | Mots clefs: Etats | Agression | Aide financière | ABSTRACT The author proposes here the study of a current episode in the legal history. The Convention on Financial Assistance was only a project under preparation, which was to be submitted in September 1930 to the Assembly of the League of Nations. The author begins his course with an examination of the origins and importance of the draft Convention on financial assistance. He then…

La définition de l’agresseur dans le droit international moderne (Volume 75)

(35,017 words)

Author(s): Waclaw Komarnicki, M.
Waclaw Komarnicki, M. Keywords: Aggression | Mots clefs: Agression | ABSTRACT For his generation, writes Waclaw Komarnicki in 1949, aggression is far from being a pure abstraction; it is a frightening reality, which not only evokes painful memories, but also inspires us with apprehensions for the future. The problem of aggression therefore deserves a detailed and an in-depth study. The author begins by examining the origins of the problem of aggression in modern international law. The author then focuses o…

The Definition of Aggression (Volume 154)

(39,040 words)

Author(s): Broms, Bengt
Broms, Bengt Keywords: Aggression | Mots clefs: Agression | ABSTRACT Bengt Broms, Professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Helsinki, devotes his course to the definition of aggression in international law. After the author’s introduction presented on the aggression in the system of the League of Nations and in bilateral and multilateral treaties, the author studies the definition of aggression in the United Nations system and in the theory of international law and the practice of the States. Bengt Broms, professeur à la Faculté de droit de l'Université d'Helsinki…

La définition de l’agression et le droit international. Développements récents de la question (Volume 92)

(31,743 words)

Author(s): Žourek, Jaroslav
Žourek, Jaroslav Keywords: Aggression | Mots clefs: Agression | ABSTRACT Jaroslav Zourek begins his course on the Definition of Aggression in International Law with a historical overview of developments in the issue before the Second World War and subsequently after the Second World War. In the next section devoted to a critical examination of the main theoretical issues raised during the discussions, the author begins by considering several types of definitions of aggression. He then asks whether it is p…