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Citoyenneté de l’Union européenne, nationalité et condition des étrangers (Volume 261)

(69,265 words)

Author(s): Pérez Vera, Elisa
Pérez Vera, Elisa Keywords: European Union | Citizenship | Aliens | Nationality | Mots clefs: European Union | Citizenship | Etrangers | Nationalité | ABSTRACT In this course, Elisa Pérez Vera, Professor at the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia in Madrid, proposes to examine the various situations a person might face with regard to a political organization - or several organizations - (political party or not, member or non-member, national or foreigner) and that entail legal consequences on the international…

Duties of States Regarding the Civil Rights of Aliens (Volume 161)

(48,026 words)

Author(s): B. Lillich, Richard
B. Lillich, Richard Keywords: Aliens | Human rights | Mots clefs: Etrangers | Droits de l homme | ABSTRACT Richard Illich, Professor at the University of Virginia School of Law, points out in the introduction to his course that the treatment of aliens has undergone significant changes over the centuries, both in theory and in practice. The author examines the current situation (at the time of writing his course) of aliens with regard to international law by showing the main challenges. He presents the recent codif…

Le régime des concessions étrangères en Chine (Volume 27)

(50,249 words)

Author(s): Escarra, Jean
Escarra, Jean Keywords: China | Aliens | Concessions | Territory | Leasing | Mots clefs: Chine | Etrangers | Concessions | Territoire | Baux | ABSTRACT The conditions of residence of foreigners in China at the time of writing the course are one of the remarkable features of China's international position. Jean Escarra explains that, apart from missionaries, beneficiaries of a special regime, diplomatic and consular agents, and various other official, civil or military personalities, the foreigners who wish to settle in C…

L’imposition fiscale des étrangers (Volume 13)

(56,866 words)

Author(s): Griziotti, Benvenuto
Griziotti, Benvenuto Keywords: Aliens | Fiscal law | Double taxation | Mots clefs: Etrangers | Droit fiscal | Imposition (double) | ABSTRACT Benvenutto Griziotti explains in the introduction to his course that the problem of taxation of foreigners, considered from the theoretical and practical point of view, raises two essential questions. On one hand, it is necessary to determine the tax capacity of foreigners and to indicate the rules expressing it with regard to various types of taxes. On the other hand, it is nec…

La condition juridique de lʹétranger spécialement aux États-Unis (Volume 27)

(34,357 words)

Author(s): H. Healy, Thomas
H. Healy, Thomas Keywords: United States of America | Aliens | Mots clefs: Etats-Unis d’Amérique | Etrangers | ABSTRACT Thomas Healy begins his course on the legal status of foreigners in the United States by answering the question: who is considered as a foreigner in the United States? He then examines the right of entry and residence in the United States, the property rights of foreigners, and restrictions on foreigners' access to certain professions. Finally, he addresses a variety of issues, such as the right to vote, jury participation, patent privilege, copyright, etc. Thomas Heal…

La condition des étrangers au point de vue fiscal (Volume 61)

(30,383 words)

Author(s): Allix, Edgard
Allix, Edgard Keywords: Aliens | International fiscal law | Mots clefs: Etrangers | Droit fiscal international | ABSTRACT Edgard Allix's course on the Status of foreigner from a Taxation Perspective is not limited to the study of the issue of double taxation. The author begins with a general presentation of the foreign tax. The author then examines the elements of economic allegiance and later examines the relationship between economic allegiance and tax systems. Le cours d'Edgard Allix sur la condition des étrangers du point de vue fiscal ne se limite pas à l'étude …

Le régime des étrangers dans les colonies (Volume 61)

(29,106 words)

Author(s): Baron Frederik Mari van Asbeck, Le
Baron Frederik Mari van Asbeck, Le Keywords: Colonies | Aliens | Mots clefs: Colonies | Etrangers | ABSTRACT The subject of Frederik Mari van Asbeck's course is The Regime of Foreigners in the Colonies under international law. It is therefore an issue of the international law of foreigners seen on the colonial level, from the point of view of colonial communities. The author begins with a historical study of this issue. The author then presents the colonial aspect of the regime of foreigners, before looking at th…

Les règles internationales concernant le traitement des étrangers (Volume 37)

(27,021 words)

Author(s): Dr. A. Verdross, le
Dr. A. Verdross, le Keywords: Aliens | International law | Mots clefs: Etrangers | Droit international | ABSTRACT After a presentation of the sources and the system of the international law of foreigners, the author examines the issue of the entry of foreigners. The author then presents the general rules on the treatment of foreigners who have entered the territory of the State, and analyzes the special rules on the treatment of foreigners in the economic field. Après une présentation des sources et du système du droit international des étrangers, l'auteur étudie la ques…

La condition des étrangers dans la République de Turquie (Volume 46)

(19,931 words)

Author(s): Rechid, Ahmed
Rechid, Ahmed Keywords: Turkey | Aliens | Mots clefs: Turquie | Etrangers | ABSTRACT Ahmed Rechid begins his presentation on the Status of Foreigners in the Republic of Turkey by describing the old law as it was particularly expressed in capitulations. He examines the current law. In this context, after a description of the guiding principles of Turkish legislation as it appeared in 1933, the author focuses on the status of natural persons, particularly with regard to their public and political rights, person…