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Histoire de la paix publique en Allemagne au Moyen Age (Volume 28)

(50,562 words)

Author(s): Quidde, Ludwig
Quidde, Ludwig Keywords: Germany | Middle Ages | Peace | Mots clefs: Allemagne | Moyen-âge | Paix | ABSTRACT The aim of Ludwig Quidde’s course is to describe a development not taken place in the field of international law but in the field of German Constitutional Law. But this development offers very curious and very interesting analogies with the development of international law issues. The first part of the course focuses on the period from the primitive times to the end of the Carolingians (Germanic law, migrat…

La conception du droit international privé d’après la doctrine et la pratique en Allemagne (Volume 15)

(34,547 words)

Author(s): Simons, Walter
Simons, Walter Keywords: Germany | Private international law | Mots clefs: Allemagne | Droit international privé | ABSTRACT Walter Simons explains that the task of clarifying the German conception of private international law is made difficult by the diversity of opinions which, in Germany, prevailed in 1926 not only in the academic world but also in practice. Times have passed when Savigny’s theory dominated German doctrine and jurisprudence. Renowned theorists have in fact spoken out against the master and soug…

La loi applicable à la garantie bancaire à première demande (Volume 275)

(75,033 words)

Author(s): Elwan, Omaia
Elwan, Omaia Keywords: Germany | Banks | Collateral | Egypt | Mots clefs: Allemagne | Banques | Garantie | Egypte | ABSTRACT According to Professor Omaia Elwan, Professor at the University of Heidelberg, a first demand bank guarantee is the type of guarantee most in use among the international independent guarantees in Europe and in a certain number of African and Middle Eastern countries. This new process, resulting from banking practices, cannot be classified in the categorie of traditional securities. Professor El…