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Le Droit international privé des Etats américains (Volume 81)

(40,175 words)

Author(s): Valladão, Haroldo
Valladão, Haroldo Keywords: America | Private international law | Mots clefs: Amérique | Droit international privé | ABSTRACT After an introduction to the relationship between domestic law and international law, Haroldo Valladao focuses on the work of three great jurists from the continent: Joseph Story, Andres Bello, and Augusto Texeira de Freitas. In the last chapter, the author proposes a study of the Pan-American codification of private international law and presents the work of the South American Congress on…

General Rules of Private International Law in the Americas. New Approach (Volume 177)

(71,263 words)

Author(s): B. De Maekelt, Tatiana
B. De Maekelt, Tatiana Keywords: America | Private international law | Mots clefs: Amérique | Droit international privé | ABSTRACT The main objective that Tatiana de Maekelt assigns to her course is to begin a critical analysis of the Inter-American Convention on the General Rules of Private International Law. To achieve this, she analyzes certain aspects related to the codification process of private international law. She observes the evolution of the codification process in the American continent, and uses a com…

La codification du droit international en Amérique (Volume 22)

(51,059 words)

Author(s): Urrutia, F.-J.
Urrutia, F.-J. Keywords: America | International law | Codification | Mots clefs: Amérique | Droit international | Codification | ABSTRACT Francisco-Jose Urrutia begins his course on the codification of international law in America with a presentation of the principles of international law proclaimed by the American States since the constitution. He then presents the history of the codification of international law in America and the technique that has been used in this context. He then focuses on the Congress of A…

Les problèmes fondamentaux du droit des gens en Amérique (Volume 47)

(49,247 words)

Author(s): Yepes, J.-M.
Yepes, J.-M. Keywords: America | Public international law | Mots clefs: Amérique | Droit international public | ABSTRACT J. M. Yepes begins his course on the Fundamental Problems of the Law of Nations in America with a reminder of the proposal approval in 1908 by the First Pan American Scientific Congress, which contains a synthesis of the arguments presented in favor of the existence of American international law. The author then successively focuses on the issues of sovereignty of State, de facto governments within the context of American international law, the problem of …

Les sauvages américains devant le droit (Volume 31)

(38,510 words)

Author(s): Octavio, Rodrigo
Octavio, Rodrigo Keywords: America | Indians | Mots clefs: Amérique | Indiens | ABSTRACT When the European nations discovered and occupied the lands of the New World, they found them inhabited by many indigenous populations, who possessed their own territory and lived under a regime of which the Explorer, when landing on this territory, could neither know the essential aspects nor make the least idea. This is the starting point for Rodrigo Octavio’s study. After a presentation of the historical position of th…

L’évolution récente de l’extradition dans le continent américain (Volume 185)

(81,518 words)

Author(s): Adolfo Vieira, Manuel
Adolfo Vieira, Manuel Keywords: America | Extradition | Mots clefs: Amérique | Extradition | ABSTRACT Manuel Adolfo Vieira, Professor at the University of Montevideo, presents a detailed study of the recent evolution of extradition in the American continent. Following a presentation of terminology, origins and historical evolution, sources, nature, and the definition of extradition, the author gives a presentation on the pre-trial detention and its relationship with extradition. He reviews the legal data of ex…