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Le problème des apatrides (Volume 53)

(27,593 words)

Author(s): François, J.-P.-A.
François, J.-P.-A. Keywords: Statelessness | Mots clefs: Apatridie | ABSTRACT J.P.A. Francois starts his course on statelessness by presenting the causes of statelessness, within which he makes a distinction between statelessness by birth and statelessness by loss of nationality. The author then studies the status of the stateless people. Within this context, after a few prior considerations on the fundamental rights and conventional law, he focuses on the practice relating to the treatment of stateless p…

Le statut international des apatrides (Volume 43)

(47,756 words)

Author(s): Vichniac, Marc
Vichniac, Marc Keywords: Statelessness | International status | Mots clefs: Apatridie | Statut international | ABSTRACT Marc Vichniac begins his course with a historical and legal overview of the situation of the statelessness, and presents statelessness in fact and in law. He then studies the statelessness of the post-war period as a consequence of the shortcomings of the peace treaties. He focuses on foreign law toward Russian citizens who have becomes stateless people, and the action of the League of Nations…

Conflits de nationalités Plurinationalité et apatridie (Volume 277)

(177,907 words)

Author(s): Verwilghen, Michel
Verwilghen, Michel Keywords: Statelessness | Dual nationality | Mots clefs: Apatridie | Double nationalité | ABSTRACT Michel Verwilghen, Professor at the Catholic University of Louvain, devotes his course to the study of conflicts of nationalities affecting natural persons. He intends to make a clear point, "Overview of the Subject" by providing sound and complete information, and by presenting the best samples of international or national provisions and solutions, jurisprudential or doctrinal. Professor Verwil…