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Les progrès de lʹarbitrage obligatoire depuis la création de la Société des Nations (Volume 25)

(48,128 words)

Author(s): Schindler, Diètrich
Schindler, Diètrich Keywords: League of Nations | International arbitration | Mots clefs: Société des Nations | Arbitrage international | ABSTRACT Dietrich Schindler points out in his introduction to his course that the international law has made more progress in any field in comparison to the field of conciliation and arbitration since the Hague conference. It is especially that since the creation of the League of Nations, the author continues, the movement for the peaceful settlement of international conflicts ha…

Les mesures conservatoires dans la procédure arbitrale et judiciaire (Volume 40)

(40,282 words)

Author(s): Guggenheim, Paul
Guggenheim, Paul Keywords: International arbitration | Preventive measures | International law of procedure | Permanent Court of International Justice | Mots clefs: Arbitrage international | Mesures conservatoires | Droit international de procédure | Cour permanente de Justice internationale | ABSTRACT Paul Guggenheim examines Provisional Measures in Arbitral and Judicial Proceedings under public international law. He successively studies the provisional measures in the judicial and arbitral conventions of the New World; the provision…

Third Party Judgment and International Economic Transactions (Volume 113)

(40,419 words)

Author(s): M. Spofford, Charles
M. Spofford, Charles Keywords: State contracts | Private international law | Judicial settlement of international disputes | International arbitration | Mots clefs: Contrats d'Etat | Droit international privé | Règlement judiciaire des différends internationaux | Arbitrage international | ABSTRACT Charles M. Spofford focuses in this course on economic transactions involving a State acting as such and a private party. After a presentation of the impact of contemporary developments (1964) in the field, the author focuses on institution…

Aspects philosophiques du droit de l’arbitrage international (Volume 329)

(65,730 words)

Author(s): Gaillard, Emmanuel
Gaillard, Emmanuel Keywords: International arbitration | Private international law | Legal philosophy | Legal positivism | International commercial arbitration | Mots clefs: Arbitrage international | ABSTRACT The law of arbitration, even more than the private international law, says Emmanuel Gaillard, Professor at the University of Paris XII, lends itself to a reflection of the philosophy of law. The notions, which are essentially philosophical, of will and freedom are at the heart of the matter. The parties’ freedom to …

La théorie des différends non justiciables en droit international (Volume 34)

(53,200 words)

Author(s): Lauterpacht, LL. D., H.
Lauterpacht, LL. D., H. Keywords: International arbitration | Pacific settlement of disputes | Mots clefs: Arbitrage international | Règlement pacifique des différends internationaux | ABSTRACT According to the doctrine of non-justiciable disputes and the condition of the specific nature of international conflicts and international relations, there are certain types of dispute, the subject matter of which is not amenable to judicial settlement as a consequence of an obligation entered in advance into the context of comp…

The Role of Facts in International Dispute Resolution (Volume 304)

(59,448 words)

Author(s): M. Mosk, Richard
M. Mosk, Richard Keywords: Factfinding | International arbitration | Procedure | Evidence | Mots clefs: Faits | Arbitrage international | Procédure | Preuves | ABSTRACT Richard Mosk, Associate Justice at the California Court of Appeal in Los Angeles, started his career by taking part in the Warren Commission that was created to investigate the assassination of President Kennedy. Convinced of the important role that facts play in the resolution of disputes, the author starts by a general explanation of what facts are and…

Le Droit du juge international de statuer selon l’équité (Volume 33)

(43,137 words)

Author(s): Strupp, Karl
Strupp, Karl Keywords: Equity | International arbitration | Mots clefs: Equité | Arbitrage international | ABSTRACT Despite the growing importance of international arbitration and justice, according to Karl Strupp, there are not many subjects that are more obscured by philosophical considerations, that is, too little legal considerations, in comparison to the question of the right of the international judge to rule on the basis of equity. The author begins his course with a study of the historical development o…

The Function of International Arbitration Today (Volume 108)

(39,722 words)

Author(s): B. Sohn, Louis
B. Sohn, Louis Keywords: International arbitration | Mots clefs: Arbitrage international | ABSTRACT The main thesis expressed in Louis Sohn's course is that over the previous fifty years (the author wrote in 1963) the role of arbitration of disputes between States has undergone a significant change. This change has found a clear expression in treaties and other international agreements, and has a lesser scope in international practice. It has often gone unnoticed in the doctrine of the subject. The author ex…

Les voies de recours contre les sentences arbitrales (Volume 52)

(36,069 words)

Author(s): Borel, Eugène
Borel, Eugène Keywords: International arbitration | Arbitral awards | Appeal | Mots clefs: Arbitrage international | Sentences arbitrales | Recours | ABSTRACT Eugene Borel states that all the authors who focus on the issue of review procedures against arbitration decisions recognize the usefulness of remedying the state of law as it appears in 1935, and which cannot be considered as satisfactory, says the author. This observation justifies the research undertaken by Eugene Borel and the presentation in this course. Tous les auteurs qui se sont intéressés à la question des …

L’Organisation actuelle de l’Arbitrage international (Volume 36)

(36,628 words)

Author(s): Makowski, Julien
Makowski, Julien Keywords: International arbitration | Mots clefs: Arbitrage international | ABSTRACT Julien Makowski begins his course on The Current Organization of International Arbitration with a presentation of forms of arbitration: diplomatic negotiations, the constitution of a body directly dependent on the parties, and the constitution of a body independent of the parties. He then studies the sources of arbitration - isolated arbitration and institutional arbitration. Finally, the author discusses a…

L’autorité de chose jugée des décisions des juridictions internationales (Volume 30)

(36,065 words)

Author(s): ,
, Keywords: International arbitration | Mots clefs: Arbitrage international | ABSTRACT Limburg explains that the authority of res judicata in domestic law consists of the application of the principle ne bis in idem, the importance of the principle can be seen in both its negative and positive effects. For this principle to work, the same parts, the same object, and the same cause of action must be encountered. The other two effects that are generally attributed to the res judicata, execution and probative …

L’arbitrage international en matière privée (Volume 23)

(48,637 words)

Author(s): ,
, Keywords: International arbitration | Mots clefs: Arbitrage international | ABSTRACT Simon Rundstein points out in the introduction to his course that the subject proposed in his study seems to hide some contradictions, which require explanation and clarification. The two "provinces" of law - international law and private law - are quite distant from each other, but at the same time they seem to be so close, so close to each other, that jurisdictional disputes over their mutual delimitation are reminisce…

Lis Pendens in International Litigation (Volume 336)

(134,657 words)

Author(s): McLachlan, Campbell
McLachlan, Campbell Keywords: Exception de litispendance | International law of procedure | Private international law | Public international law | International arbitration | International commercial arbitration | Mots clefs: Litispendance | Droit international de procédure | Droit international privé | Droit international public | Arbitrage international | Arbitrage commercial international | ABSTRACT Campbell McLachlan, Professor at Victoria University of Wellington, devotes his course to lis pendens in international law. After a detailed intro…

La théorie du contrat d’État et l’évolution du droit international des investissements (Volume 302)

(76,189 words)

Author(s): Leben, Charles
Leben, Charles Keywords: Foreign direct investment | State contracts | Law of contracts | Private international law | International arbitration | Mots clefs: Investissement | Contrats d'Etat | Droit des obligations | Droit international privé | Arbitrage international | ABSTRACT A contract of State, explains Professor Leben, is an official report drawn up between the State and a foreign body with regards to an international economic operation, that generally, but not necessarily, concerns an investment. This matter has evolved conside…

Les conflits de lois dans l’arbitrage international de droit privé (Volume 109)

(47,278 words)

Author(s): Goldman, Berthold
Goldman, Berthold Keywords: International arbitration | Private international law | Mots clefs: Arbitrage international | Droit international privé | ABSTRACT Berthold Goldman's intention is not to examine the international private law of the various States, relating to international arbitration, but to seek, from International Conventions, the rules of arbitration institutions and the practice of arbitration, if and how one can conceive within the framework of this institution, an autonomous system of solution of conflicts of laws. Le propos de Berthold Goldman n'est p…

Les origines de l’arbitrage international. Antiquité et Moyen Age (Volume 42)

(37,642 words)

Author(s): Baron Michel De Taube, Le
Baron Michel De Taube, Le Keywords: International arbitration | History | Mots clefs: Arbitrage international | Histoire | ABSTRACT Michel de Taube explains at the beginning of his course that, by studying in great detail the history of international relations, we have come to the conviction that the arbitration practice can boast of such interesting and numerous antecedents, especially in the medieval times and in antiquity. After a study of the first arbitrations between States in the ancient East and archaic ar…