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The Legal Status of the Arctic Regions (Volume 163)

(19,993 words)

Author(s): Pharand, Donat
Pharand, Donat Keywords: Arctic | Mots clefs: Arctique | ABSTRACT The polar regions, and particularly the Arctic region, have acquired a considerable importance over the years preceding the writing of the course by Donat Pharand, Professor at the Faculty of Law of University of Ottawa. After a brief description of the physical aspects of the Arctic, the author shows its importance and the legal issues, namely: the Arctic territory, the continental shelf and the seabed, the Arctic Ocean and the ice pack, Arctic airspace, etc. Les régions polaires, et particulièrement la région ar…

Le droit international des espaces polaires (Volume 75)

(23,300 words)

Author(s): Dollot, René
Dollot, René Keywords: Antarctica | Arctic | Mots clefs: Antarctique | Arctique | ABSTRACT The main purpose of Rene Dollot’s course is to present an objective account of the problems of sovereignty that have arisen from the exploration and development of the underprivileged regions of the northern and southern hemisphere. The course is an elaboration of the diplomatic and legal issues raised by the advent of the Arctic and Antarctic at the international level. Le cours de René Dollot se propose essentiellement de présenter un exposé objectif des problèmes de souverain…

The International Regime of the Polar Regions (Volume 107)

(41,660 words)

Author(s): M. W. Mouton, Dr.
M. W. Mouton, Dr. Keywords: Antarctica | Arctic | International regime | Mots clefs: Antarctique | Arctique | ABSTRACT Mr. Mouton begins his course on the International Regime of Polar Regions in considerations of the ice formation: does the fact about the ice covered sea change the status of the international regime? The author then examines the economic aspects as well as the strategic aspects of the regimes. He also focuses on their political aspects, and then presents, in more detail, the Antarctic Treaty. M. Mouton commence son cours sur le régime international des régions…