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Le Japon et la paix en Asie (Volume 57)

(34,825 words)

Author(s): Hindmarsh, Albert-E.
Hindmarsh, Albert-E. Keywords: Japan | Asia | International politics | Mots clefs: Japon | Asie | Politique | ABSTRACT According to Albert Hindmarsh, the best method to explain Japan's foreign policy in a simple, a realistic, and an accurate way, and to understand the attitude of Japanese diplomacy in Japan with regard to China and the Western powers, is to highlight the close relations between the internal situation and the external action of the country. The author examines the formation of modern Japan, the pro…

The Afro-Asian World and the Law of Nations (Historical Aspects) (Volume 123)

(33,427 words)

Author(s): H. Alexandrowicz, C.
H. Alexandrowicz, C. Keywords: Africa | Public international law | Asia | Mots clefs: Afrique | Droit international public | Asie | ABSTRACT The course of C.H. Alexandrowicz course aims at examining the circumstances in which the countries of Asia and Africa entered into the orbit of public international law, and at studying the legal institutions performing this entry or accompanying it. The author focuses in the first case on Asian countries and then on African countries. Le cours de C.H. Alexandrowicz a pour objet d'examiner les circonstances dans lesquelles les pays …

Five Lectures on Asia and the United Nations (Volume 102)

(31,340 words)

Author(s): K. Brohi, A.
K. Brohi, A. Keywords: Asia | United Nations | Mots clefs: Asie | Nations Unies | ABSTRACT A.K. Brohi begins this course on relations between Asia and the United Nations with a general overview of the issue. He then focuses on the state of affairs of the countries of the Asian continent in 1961. Finally, he examines the political power of the United Nations, and addresses the issue of the United Nations’ action in Asia, first from a general point of view and next with regard to the problem of communist China. A.K. Brohi commence ce cours sur les relations entre l'Asie et les Nations Un…