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Questions de Droit bancaire international (Volume 131)

(23,734 words)

Author(s): Freymond, Pierre
Freymond, Pierre Keywords: Banks | International commercial law | Mots clefs: Banques | Droit commercial international | ABSTRACT Pierre Freymond points out that the trade in money has been international at all times. However, with the development of international relations, the activity of the banks is growing day by day. The activity is subjected to the general principles governing contracts in international law. Pierre Freymond therefore begins the course by recalling the general principles and drawing the con…

Les transferts internationaux de fonds La loi type des Nations Unies sur les virements internationaux. Les cartes de débit (Volume 239)

(106,534 words)

Author(s): Vasseur, Michel
Vasseur, Michel Keywords: UNCITRAL Model Law on International Credit Transfers [Vienna, 1992] | Banks | Régime des paiements | Payment cards | Mots clefs: Loi type de la CNUDCI sur les virements internationaux [Vienne, 1992] | Banques | Paiements | Cartes de paiement | ABSTRACT The topic of this course by Michel Vasseur, Professor of the University Paris II, is money transfers and payment cards, in as much as both are instruments of international transfers of funds. The first part of the course is devoted to international transfer of funds…

La loi applicable à la garantie bancaire à première demande (Volume 275)

(75,033 words)

Author(s): Elwan, Omaia
Elwan, Omaia Keywords: Germany | Banks | Collateral | Egypt | Mots clefs: Allemagne | Banques | Garantie | Egypte | ABSTRACT According to Professor Omaia Elwan, Professor at the University of Heidelberg, a first demand bank guarantee is the type of guarantee most in use among the international independent guarantees in Europe and in a certain number of African and Middle Eastern countries. This new process, resulting from banking practices, cannot be classified in the categorie of traditional securities. Professor El…