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Le droit anti-trust: aspects comparatifs et internationaux (Volume 106)

(33,768 words)

Author(s): A. Van Hecke, George
A. Van Hecke, George Keywords: Cartels and monopolies | Comparative law | International law | Mots clefs: Cartels et monopoles | ABSTRACT George A. van Hecke, writes in 1962, that antitrust law has ceased to be a typical American phenomenon and has spread to many industrial countries in recent years. The extension of antitrust law offers an interesting comparative field of observation. In this perspective, the author examines the scope of application of the antitrust law in the space, researches the applicable conflict rules, and focuses on international regulation. Au cours des der…

Souveraineté territoriale et globalisation des marchés : le domaine d’application des lois contre les restrictions de la concurrence (Volume 264)

(64,438 words)

Author(s): Basedow, Jürgen
Basedow, Jürgen Keywords: Cartels and monopolies | Competition | Restrictive business practices | Mots clefs: Cartels et monopoles | Concurrence | Pratiques commerciales restrictives | ABSTRACT Jürgen Basedow, Professor at the Free University of Berlin, examines in this course the limitations of competition as established by private law: horizontal agreements or trusts, vertical restrictions on competition (agreements between companies of various economic levels on resale prices, on exclusive sales, on export prohibition…

De la cartellisation des industries lourdes européennes à la Communauté européenne du charbon et de l’acier (Volume 90)

(15,708 words)

Author(s): Rieben, Henri
Rieben, Henri Keywords: European Coal and Steel Community | Cartels and monopolies | Mots clefs: Communauté européenne du charbon et de l acier | Cartels et monopoles | ABSTRACT In his course, Henri Rieben raises from the outset the two fundamental questions about Western Economic and political leaders in 1956: to what extent did the ECSC constitute the extension and the breaking of the agreements of ironmasters, in particular the International steel agreement? To what extent does the application of the Treaty lead to a goo…

Les ententes, libres ou obligatoires, de producteurs sur le plan national et sur le plan international (Volume 67)

(27,887 words)

Author(s): Picard, Roger
Picard, Roger Keywords: Cartels and monopolies | Mots clefs: Cartels et monopoles | ABSTRACT The agreements of producers provide one of these crucial facts to the economic doctrine and art – in the Baconian sense of the term – where their trends are in opposition and where they can take new directions, writes Roger Picard in the introduction to his course. After a few considerations on the agreements and economic doctrine, the author focuses on the agreements of producers in the national frame. He then studies the agreements of producers in the international context. Les ententes de prod…

Trusts et cartels internationaux (Volume 19)

(34,023 words)

Author(s): Lebée, Edmond
Lebée, Edmond Keywords: Cartels and monopolies | International law | Mots clefs: Cartels et monopoles | Droit international | ABSTRACT The aim of Edmond Lebee’s study is to examine certain aspects of the massive concentration of economic forces, from an international point of view, and by trying to rule out the abstract hypothesis and reasoning. After a presentation of the importance of economic factors in international political life, the author examines the concentration of industrial forces and their extension i…

Antitrust Laws and International Airline Co-Operation (Volume 135)

(10,202 words)

Author(s): G. Thomka-Gazdik, Q.C., J.
G. Thomka-Gazdik, Q.C., J. Keywords: Air transport | Cartels and monopolies | Mots clefs: Transports aériens | Cartels et monopoles | ABSTRACT In this course, J.G. Thomka-Gazdik presents IATA's activities, examines the nature of the criticisms directed against it, wonders what agreements are and what laws govern them, and asks whether the functions of IATA are illegal under international and domestic rules reflected in competition law. Dans son cours, J.G. Thomka-Gazdik présente les activités de l'IATA, examine la nature des critiques dirigées contre elle, se …

The Extraterritorial Effects of Antitrust Laws (Volume 179)

(51,885 words)

Author(s): Castel, Jean-Gabriel
Castel, Jean-Gabriel Keywords: Cartels and monopolies | Extraterritorial jurisdiction | Mots clefs: Cartels et monopoles | Extraterritorialité des lois | ABSTRACT Jean-Gabriel Castel studies in his course the extraterritorial effects of competition rules. He devotes the initial developments of his study to an analysis of the power of the State to apply and interpret its law in a way that confers extraterritorial effects on it. The author then examines the practice of certain States with regard to the extraterritoria…