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Comparative Approaches to International Law (Volume 190)

(26,609 words)

Author(s): E. Butler, W.
E. Butler, W. Keywords: Public international law | Comparative law | Mots clefs: Droit international public | Droit comparé | ABSTRACT In his course, W.E. Butler, Professor at University College London, focuses primarily on four areas of comparative legal studies. The first is the comparative analysis of the international legal system, including subsystems and doctrine. The author then focuses on a comparative analysis of the relations between international law and domestic legal systems and cultures, followed by a …

International Standard Contracts A Comparative Study (Volume 170)

(38,459 words)

Author(s): Boggiano, Antonio
Boggiano, Antonio Keywords: Standard contracts | Private international law | International contracts | Comparative law | Mots clefs: Contrats standardisés | Droit international privé | Contrats internationaux | Droit comparé | ABSTRACT Antonio Boggiano, Professor at the School of Law of the University of Buenos Aires, devotes his course to standard contracts in international law. Standard contracts are developed by individual enterprises, groups of enterprises within the same sector, or by international organizations. The auth…

Le droit anti-trust: aspects comparatifs et internationaux (Volume 106)

(33,768 words)

Author(s): A. Van Hecke, George
A. Van Hecke, George Keywords: Cartels and monopolies | Comparative law | International law | Mots clefs: Cartels et monopoles | ABSTRACT George A. van Hecke, writes in 1962, that antitrust law has ceased to be a typical American phenomenon and has spread to many industrial countries in recent years. The extension of antitrust law offers an interesting comparative field of observation. In this perspective, the author examines the scope of application of the antitrust law in the space, researches the applicable conflict rules, and focuses on international regulation. Au cours des der…

Le rôle du droit comparé dans le droit international privé (Volume 57)

(56,393 words)

Author(s): Balogh, Elemer
Balogh, Elemer Keywords: Private international law | Comparative law | Mots clefs: Droit international privé | Droit comparé | ABSTRACT Elemer Balogh’s course on the Role of Comparative Law in Private International Law includes a general part and a special part. In the general part, the author focuses on principles and method, qualifications, renvoi, and public policy. In the special part, the author examines the issues related to Free Will in contractual matters and the locus regit actum rule in relation to the concept of form, especially in relation to marriage. Le cours d'Elemer Ba…

Comparative Aspects of the General Principles of Private International Law (Volume 109)

(58,018 words)

Author(s): H. Graveson, Ronald
H. Graveson, Ronald Keywords: Legal principles | Private international law | Comparative law | Mots clefs: Principes généraux du droit | Droit international privé | Droit comparé | ABSTRACT Ronald Graveson proposes to study in his course on private international law the fundamental problem of private international law, and to see the solutions that have been proposed at different times by various legal systems. The problem of international law exists as soon as an activity involves a foreign element. After a presentation of…

Les régimes matrimoniaux en droit international privé comparé (Volume 143)

(50,814 words)

Author(s): A. L. Droz, Georges
A. L. Droz, Georges Keywords: Marriage | Private international law | Comparative law | Mots clefs: Mariage | Droit international privé | Droit comparé | ABSTRACT Georges Droz says that Matrimonial regimes have always been one of the mainstays of private international law, because if the issue is not as inevitable as the issue of succession, since some eliminate it by not marrying, in the practice of international private relations the balance is restored since if one dies, one can marry several times. After a comparative…

Les privatisations en droit comparé et en droit international (privé) (Volume 235)

(23,459 words)

Author(s): Von Hoffmann, Bernd
Von Hoffmann, Bernd Keywords: Privatization | Comparative law | Private international law | Mots clefs: Privatisation | Droit comparé | Droit international privé | ABSTRACT Privatization is of interest to the lawyer. It is necessary to transform political decisions into laws to achieve privatization. In this course, Bernd von Hoffmann provides an introduction to the situation of state-owned enterprises and privatization of public enterprises. The author deals with privatization techniques by focusing on the legal struct…

Le contrôle des cours suprêmes sur l’application des lois étrangères (Étude de jurisprudence comparée) (Volume 57)

(43,524 words)

Author(s): Lewald, Hans
Lewald, Hans Keywords: Supreme court | Private international law | Comparative law | Mots clefs: Cour suprême | Droit international privé | Droit comparé | ABSTRACT In the introduction to his course, Hans Lewald presents the functions of supreme courts. He then examines the control of the determination of the applicable law: cases of erroneous application of a conflict rule, written and unwritten conflict rule, control of the unification, control of the foreign conflict rule, procedural conditions concerning the exercise…

Le droit international privé comparé des états socialistes dans leur coopération économique (Volume 208)

(38,720 words)

Author(s): Kalenský, Pavel
Kalenský, Pavel Keywords: Socialist countries | Private international law | Comparative law | Economic co-operation | Mots clefs: Pays socialistes | Droit international privé | Droit comparé | Coopération économique | ABSTRACT In this course, Pavel Kalensky, Professor at the Institute of Legal Sciences of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences in Prague, carries out a comparative study of the private international law of countries between which economic cooperation is pursued at two stages: the cooperation carried out primarily …

Extraterritoriality in International and Comparative Law (Volume 72)

(34,609 words)

Author(s): W. Keeton, G.
W. Keeton, G. Keywords: Extraterritorial jurisdiction | International law | Comparative law | Mots clefs: Extraterritorialité des lois | Droit international | Droit comparé | ABSTRACT G.W. Keaton devotes his course to Extraterritoriality in International Law and Comparative Law. After a historical study of the rise and development of the concept of extraterritoriality, the author focuses on the issue of the application of extraterritoriality. He then discusses the passing of these extraterritorial rights, in particular b…