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Economic Development Agreements (Volume 105)

(36,745 words)

Author(s): N. Hyde, James
N. Hyde, James Keywords: Concessions | Mots clefs: Concessions | ABSTRACT James Hyde begins his course on Economic Development Agreements with an introductory presentation of economic development in general and development agreements. He then examines the role of law in this field and the question of determining the law applicable to economic development agreements. The author focuses on the application of international law to the agreements, national and international standards applied to economic development agreements, and the issues of open remedies and their performance. J…

Le régime des concessions étrangères en Chine (Volume 27)

(50,249 words)

Author(s): Escarra, Jean
Escarra, Jean Keywords: China | Aliens | Concessions | Territory | Leasing | Mots clefs: Chine | Etrangers | Concessions | Territoire | Baux | ABSTRACT The conditions of residence of foreigners in China at the time of writing the course are one of the remarkable features of China's international position. Jean Escarra explains that, apart from missionaries, beneficiaries of a special regime, diplomatic and consular agents, and various other official, civil or military personalities, the foreigners who wish to settle in C…

Protection of Investment in the Context of Petroleum Agreements (Volume 204)

(56,937 words)

Author(s): Z. El Chiati, A.
Z. El Chiati, A. Keywords: Oil | Concessions | Foreign direct investment | Protection | Mots clefs: Pétrole et produits pétroliers | Concessions | Investissement | Protection | ABSTRACT A.Z. El Chiati, Legal Counsel at Amoco Corporation, in London, has set the objective to his course to examine the guarantees offered by governments of developing countries in Africa and Middle East to encourage exploration and exploitation of petroleum in their countries. In most cases, the State agrees to include protective clauses in their…

Le régime juridique créé par les accords de participation dans le domaine pétrolier (Volume 147)

(69,822 words)

Author(s): Sadek El-Kosheri, Ahmed
Sadek El-Kosheri, Ahmed Keywords: Oil | Concessions | Mots clefs: Pétrole et produits pétroliers | Concessions | ABSTRACT After determining the concept of the State participation in the exploitation of oil resources, Ahmed Sadek El-Kosheri, Lawyer in Cairo, measures the extent of the transformation introduced according to the concept. According to the author, such a logical approach is the only one capable of determining the real value of the State participation and its achievements. The author then devotes a fir…