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Le statut et les fonctions des consuls (Volume 106)

(48,594 words)

Author(s): Žourek, Jaroslav
Žourek, Jaroslav Keywords: Consuls and consular jurisdiction | Consuls | Diplomatic and consular immunities | Mots clefs: Consuls et juridiction consulaire | Consuls | Immunités diplomatiques et consulaires | ABSTRACT In his course, Jaroslav Zourek examines the main problems related to the statute and function of consuls and advocates solutions. After presenting a historical overview of consular functions, the author examines the functions of career consuls under contemporary international law. He then reviews the legal char…

La théorie et la pratique des services consulaires (Volume 34)

(31,726 words)

Author(s): Baron Alphonse Heyking, Le
Baron Alphonse Heyking, Le Keywords: Consuls and consular jurisdiction | Mots clefs: Consuls et juridiction consulaire | ABSTRACT In consultation with consular law manuals, the monographs on this subject and the precise law of the nations, writes Alphonse Heyking, one would never be able to get an accurate idea of the consular service if one did not realize a particular physiognomy of this service due to the local conditions of the consul's place of residence. After a review of the international consular framewor…

Les relations consulaires et les fonctions du consul en matière de droit privé (Volume 134)

(20,345 words)

Author(s): Maresca, Adolfo
Maresca, Adolfo Keywords: Consuls and consular jurisdiction | Private law | Mots clefs: Consuls et juridiction consulaire | Droit privé | ABSTRACT After a presentation of the multiple legal aspects of consular relations, Adolfo Maresca presents the sources, subjects, and relations of consular law with domestic law. He then studies the relations between private international law and consular law, exposes the system of consular relations, and finally describes the main consular duties related to private law. Après une présentation des multiples aspects juridiques des rela…