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Le droit international privé de la famille à l’épreuve des conventions internationales (Volume 246)

(87,531 words)

Author(s): Lequette, Yves
Lequette, Yves Keywords: Family law | Private international law | Conventions | Mots clefs: Droit de la famille | Droit international privé | Conventions | ABSTRACT In this course Yves Lequette, Professor of the University of Paris II, reports on the constant expansion of the place that is occupied by conventions in contemporary international law, in particular in with respect to family law. On the debit side: the deterioration that this causes with respect to the coherence of the domestic order. On the credit side: than…

Recent Developments of Conflict of Laws Conventions in Latin America (Volume 164)

(44,041 words)

Author(s): Parra-Aranguren, Gonzalo
Parra-Aranguren, Gonzalo Keywords: Latin America | Private international law | Harmonisation | Conventions | Mots clefs: Amérique latine | Droit international privé | Unification | Conventions | ABSTRACT The oldest attempt of codification of private international law has seen the light of day in the American continent, the oldest being linked to the Congress of Panama convened by Simon Bolivar. However, Gonzalo Para-Aranguren, Professor at the University of Caracas, studies the recent developments (at the time of writing t…

Unifying and Harmonizing Substantive Law and the Role of Conflict of Laws (Volume 340)

(72,787 words)

Author(s): Boele-Woelki, Katharina
Boele-Woelki, Katharina Keywords: Family law | Private international law | Choice of law | Unification of law | Law of contracts | Model law | Legal principles | Conventions | Directives | International law and domestic law | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT Traditionally, conflict of law rules designate only national substantive law as the applicable law. Many unifying and harmonizing substantive law instruments of both States and non-State organizations, however, are designed specifically for application to cross-border relationships. Achieving …

International Co-operation and Protection of Children with Regard to Intercountry Adoption (Volume 244)

(94,368 words)

Author(s): H. A. Van Loon, J.
H. A. Van Loon, J. Keywords: The Hague | Conventions | Adoption | Mots clefs: La Haye | Conventions | Adoption | ABSTRACT International adoption has developed significantly since the seventies, states J.H.A. van Loon, first secretary of the Hague Conference on private international law. The author starts by outlining the reality and evolution of adoption as a worldwide social phenomenon. He goes on to address the intercountry characteristics, the evolution and the practices of international adoption. Mr. van Loon then…

La Convention de la Ligue arabe sur l’exécution des jugements. Étude comparative du droit conventionnel comparé avec le droit interne (Volume 138)

(49,678 words)

Author(s): Abdallah, Ezzedine
Abdallah, Ezzedine Keywords: Arab League | Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgements | Conventions | 1952 | Mots clefs: Ligue des Etats arabes | Reconnaissance et l exécution des jugements étrangers | Conventions | 1952 | ABSTRACT In this course, Ezzedine Abdallah examines the provisions of the Arab League Convention on the Enforcement of Foreign Judgments on the basis of the comparative study of a number of international conventions relating to the effects of foreign judgments, whether bilateral or multilateral. Ezzedine Abdallah étudie dans ce cours les dispositio…

The Scandinavian Conventions on Private International Law (Volume 96)

(35,992 words)

Author(s): Philip, Allan
Philip, Allan Keywords: Scandinavia | Private international law | Conventions | Mots clefs: Scandinavie | Droit international privé | Conventions | ABSTRACT Allan Philip points out in the introduction to his course that for most authors, the main objective of private international law is to achieve uniformity of decision and interpretation with respect to problems of an international nature. However, the development of relations between the five Scandinavian countries, which are very close to each other in terms of t…

The Geneva Conventions of 1949 (Volume 114)

(39,189 words)

Author(s): I. A. D. Draper, G.
I. A. D. Draper, G. Keywords: Geneva Conventions (1949) | International humanitarian law | Mots clefs: Genève | Droit humanitaire international | Conventions | ABSTRACT G.A.I.D. Draper points out in his course of 1965 that the Geneva Conventions are the most recent and comprehensive developments in the humanist legal tradition as it emerged in the previous hundred years. The author first presents the general principles and common articles of the conventions. He then focuses on internal conflicts, the status of prisoners…

L’application par le juge interne des conventions de droit international privé (Volume 132)

(41,193 words)

Author(s): E. Von Overbeck, Alfred
E. Von Overbeck, Alfred Keywords: Municipal courts | Private international law | Conventions | Mots clefs: Cours nationales | Droit international privé | Conventions | ABSTRACT Alfred von Osterbeck examines the application of the private international law conventions from the perspective of the Court. He begins his course with a study of the problems related to the enforcement of the conventions, the obligation for the court to apply them, and their field of application. He focuses on the interpretation issues specific t…

Reflections on the Relevance of Public International Law to Private International Law Treaty Making Opening Lecture, Private International Law Session, 2009 (Volume 340)

(19,132 words)

Author(s): R. Beaumont, Paul
R. Beaumont, Paul Keywords: Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties (Vienna, 23 May 1969) | Law of treaties | Interpretation | Reservations | Conventions | Private international law | Public international law | Convention on Choice of Court Agreements (The Hague, 30 june 2005) | Convention sur le recouvrement international des aliments destinés aux enfants et à d'autres membres de la famille (La Haye, 23 novembre 2007) | Convention on the Law Applicable to Maintenance Obligations (The Hague, 2 October 1973) | Protocols | 2007 | Hague Conference on Private International Law | Statutes | Re…

The Evolution Of International Water Law (Volume 331)

(88,093 words)

Author(s): Brown Weiss, Edith
Brown Weiss, Edith Keywords: International watercourses | Water | Shared natural resources | Conventions | Convention on the Law of the Non-Navigational Uses of International Watercourses (New York, 21 May 1997) | International dispute settlement | Human rights | International trade | World Trade Organization | General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade | International trade | Mots clefs: Cours d'eau internationaux | Eau | Ressources naturelles partagées | conventions | Convention sur le droit relatif aux utilisations des cours d'eau internationaux à des fins autres q…

Les conventions relatives à la coopération judiciaire en matière civile et commerciale entre les États socialistes et les États occidentaux (Volume 158)

(48,817 words)

Author(s): Jodlowski, Jerzy
Jodlowski, Jerzy Keywords: West | Socialist countries | Judicial assistance | Civil law | Conventions | Commercial law | Mots clefs: Occident | Pays socialistes | Assistance judiciaire | Droit civil | Conventions | Droit commercial | ABSTRACT Jerzy Jodlowski, Honorary Professor of the University of Warsaw, examines in his course all the matters, which are contained in the conventions between the (European) Socialist States and the Western States, having as the objective: applicable law; international jurisdiction; civil procedure an…

Regional Conventions on the Protection of the Marine Environment (Volume 162)

(51,101 words)

Author(s): A. de Yturriaga, José
A. de Yturriaga, José Keywords: Sea | Environmental protection | Regionalism | Conventions | Marine pollution | Mots clefs: Espace maritime | Protection de la nature et de l environnement | Régionalisme | Conventions | Pollution des eaux de la mer | ABSTRACT In this course, Jose A. De Yturriaga intends to report on regional efforts to preserve the marine environment and to protect the environment from pollution. After a chapter presenting the general lines of the question, the author examines the issue of pollution discharges, pollution …