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Le système monétaire international privé (UEM et euromarchés) (Volume 274)

(29,895 words)

Author(s): Carreau, Dominique
Carreau, Dominique Keywords: Euro-monnaies | European Union | Currencies | Mots clefs: Eurodevises | Union européenne | Monnaies | ABSTRACT Professor Pastor Ridruejo builds his systematic exposé on international law on four fundamental starting points. The first chapter is dedicated to the general character of international law, to its characteristics compared to domestic law, whether this concern its sources, the prevention and/or the sanctioning of violations, or dispute settlement. The second chapter relates to …

Questions juridiques soulevées dans les rapports internationaux par les variations de valeur des signes monétaires (Volume 29)

(38,052 words)

Author(s): Sułkowski, Joseph
Sułkowski, Joseph Keywords: Currencies | Currency depreciation | International law | Mots clefs: Monnaies | Dépréciation des monnaies | Droit international | ABSTRACT Joseph Sułkowski, in the introduction to his course, notes that the problem of the influence exerted by the changes in the value of currency on legal relations is of recent origin (the author writes in 1929) and that it become a subject of studies following the fall in the value of the currency which occurred in certain countries following the First World War. Joseph Sułkowski devotes the firs…

Le droit monétaire dans les relations privées internationales (Volume 160)

(23,633 words)

Author(s): Malaurie, Philippe
Malaurie, Philippe Keywords: Currencies | Private international law | Gold clause | Mots clefs: Monnaies | Droit international privé | Clause or | ABSTRACT According to Philippe Malaurie, there are three reasons for reviving the issue of Monetar…

La stabilisation des monnaies (Volume 38)

(20,880 words)

Author(s): Jèze, Gaston
Jèze, Gaston Keywords: Currencies | Mots clefs: Monnaies | ABSTRACT Gaston Jeze begins his study on the Stabilization of Currencies by exhibiting the role and the nature of the currency, and particularly its social role. He presents paper money and public service of paper money. He then poses the question of how damaged paper money is stabilized, and how the currency stabilization plan is designed and implemented. Gaston Jèze commence son étude de la stabilisation des monnaies par un exposé du rôle et de la nature de la monnaie, et notamment de son rôle social.…

L’exercice des compétences monétaires par les États (Volume 212)

(56,877 words)

Author(s): Burdeau, Geneviève
Burdeau, Geneviève Keywords: Currencies | Monetary policy | Competence | International law | Mots clefs: Monnaies | Politique monétaire | Compétence | Droit international | ABSTRACT Geneviève Burdeau notes in the introduction of her course that the conditions for the exercise of monetary powers by the State are naturally linked not only to a certain political and economic context, but also and very largely to the historical circumstances that might affect the territory in its relationship with political power. Here, Prof…

Money in Private International Law (Volume 120)

(47,688 words)

Author(s): E. Krispi, Professor
E. Krispi, Professor Keywords: Currencies | Private international law | Mots clefs: Monnaies | Droit international privé | ABSTRACT In his course on Money in Private International Law, E. Krispis, Professor at the University of Athens, studies the nature of debt as monetary, the question of the type of money owed, the extent of monetary debt, the question of discharge of monetary debt, and then the question of the control of exchange. Dans son cours sur l'argent en droit international privé, E. Krispis, professeur à l'Université d'Athènes, étudie le caractère monéta…