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Decision-making in the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (Volume 134)

(42,728 words)

Author(s): Ustor, Endre
Ustor, Endre Keywords: Council for Mutual Economic Assistance | Decision-making | Mots clefs: COMECON | Prise de décisions | ABSTRACT Endre Ustor dedicates his course to the legal aspects of decisional process within CMEA. After a study of the decisional process in general, the author presents a short history of CMEA. He also exposes the sources of law of the CMEA. He then describes the principal decision-making organs, and the principal form of decision-making in the CMEA: the recommendation. He then focuses on su…

The Law of Global Governance (Volume 368)

(88,555 words)

Author(s): Benvenisti, Eyal
Benvenisti, Eyal Keywords: Global governance | International organizations | International administrative law | Human rights | Decision-making | Sovereignty | International law | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT This course aims to have a broad understanding of global governance, and starts, after a short introduction, by explaining the emergence of global governance and the corresponding need to regulate it. Therefore, the normative basis for regulation of global governance is studied, first the ultra vires doctrine, then human rig…

The Relation of Law, Politics and Action in the United Nations (Volume 109)

(29,211 words)

Author(s): Schachter, Oscar
Schachter, Oscar Keywords: United Nations | Decision-making | Peacekeeping | International police | Economic development | Mots clefs: Nations Unies | Prise de décisions | Maintien de la paix | Police internationale | Développement économique | ABSTRACT The main objective that Oscar Schachter assigns to his course is to show how the law acts within the political system developed within the United Nations since 1945. The author begins with the presentation of place of law in the process of decision in the political organs of the Uni…

La décision dans la Communauté économique européenne (Volume 134)

(36,123 words)

Author(s): Teitgen, Pierre-Henri
Teitgen, Pierre-Henri Keywords: European Economic Community | Decisions | Decision-making | Mots clefs: C.E.E. | Décisions | ABSTRACT For Pierre-Henri Teitgen, the study of the decision (in a broader sense of the term) in the European Economic Community, like the study of the decision in any other international organization, mainly comes down to the examination of two problems: what is the autonomy of the decision-making power of the community compared to the Member States of the Community? To what extent do the …

The Quest for World Order and Human Dignity in the Twenty-first Century: Constitutive Process and Individual Commitment General Course on Public International Law (Volume 351)

(129,304 words)

Author(s): Michael Reisman, W.
Michael Reisman, W. Keywords: International law | International regime | Development of international law | Decision-making | Sovereignty | Human rights | Subjects of international law | Individuals | Use of force | Mots clefs: Droit international | Régime international | Développement du droit international | Prise de décisions | Souveraineté | Droits de l'homme | Sujets du droit international | Individus | Force | ABSTRACT The point of these lectures, given in 2012, is to elaborate a framework to understand the place of practitioners, and others affected by …