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Treaty and Diplomatic Relations between European and South Asian Powers in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries (Volume 100)

(42,331 words)

Author(s): H. Alexandrowicz, Charles
H. Alexandrowicz, Charles Keywords: South Asia | Europe | Diplomacy | Treaties | Mots clefs: Asie du Sud | Europe | Diplomatie | Traités | ABSTRACT Charles Alexandrowicz begins his course on Treaties and Diplomatic Relations Between European and South Asian Powers in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth centuries with a historic overview of the relations between Suzerain States and Vassal States. He then presents the controversy between Grotius and Freitas. He examines the treaties and the contexts in which they were signed. F…

Some Aspects of Law and Diplomacy (Volume 91)

(37,939 words)

Author(s): Cross Dillard, Hardy
Cross Dillard, Hardy Keywords: International disputes | Diplomacy | International law | Mots clefs: Différends internationaux | Diplomatie | Droit international | ABSTRACT The objective of Hardy Cross Dillard's course on Some Aspects of Law and Diplomacy is to make an inquiry and to elicit more questions than answers. This survey focuses on the role of law and diplomacy in conflict management. The author is induced to make this inquiry by the decision of the United States Supreme Court on racial discrimination. Le cours de Hardy Cross Dillard sur certains aspects du droit et …

L’évolution de la diplomatie aux États-Unis (Volume 69)

(27,264 words)

Author(s): R. P. Edmund A. Walsh, le
R. P. Edmund A. Walsh, le Keywords: United States of America | Diplomacy | Mots clefs: Etats-Unis d’Amérique | Diplomatie | ABSTRACT R.P. Walsh writes in 1939 that the current pessimistic mood prevailing in many quarters probably considers any study of diplomacy as better suited to the antiquarian and the amateur of historical curiosities compared to the student of vital international relations as conducted in August 1939. However, the author continues that the diplomatic attitude of the United States, in the uncerta…

Les méthodes de travail de la diplomatie (Volume 4)

(24,042 words)

Author(s): E. L. Vaughan Williams K. C., R.
E. L. Vaughan Williams K. C., R. Keywords: Diplomacy | Mots clefs: Diplomatie | ABSTRACT The aim of the course of Vaughan Williams is to describe, from a historical point of view, the development of diplomacy in Europe and in the States outside Europe, which owe their origin to European colonization, and which, consequently, are assimilated into European countries through their civilization and their traditions. After general considerations on diplomacy, the author focuses on diplomatic missions, treaties, tec…