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Vérification en matière de désarmement (Volume 273)

(33,105 words)

Author(s): Sur, Serge
Sur, Serge Keywords: Disarmament | Audit | Mots clefs: Désarmement | Vérification | ABSTRACT Serge Sur, Professor at the University Panthéon-Assas (Paris II), endeavours in this course to answer the six following questions, which will be treated in separate chapters: How are disarmament, inspection, and international law connected? What form does this concept of inspection take? What body can carry out the inspection, who has competence in this matter? What is the purpose of inspection, what is its role? How …

The Evolving International Regime of Nuclear Non-Proliferation (Volume 321)

(66,292 words)

Author(s): Shaker, Mohamed Ibrahim
Ibrahim Shaker, Mohamed Keywords: Nuclear weapons | Proliferation | Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (London, Moscow, Washington, D.C., 1 July 1968) | Disarmament | Nuclear tests | Nuclear energy | International regime | Mots clefs: Armes atomiques | Prolifération | Traité sur la non-prolifération des armes nucléaires (1968) | Désarmement | Essais nucléaires | Energie nucléaire | Régime international | ABSTRACT Mohamed Ibrahim Shaker, Vice-President of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs, reports in this article on Evolving Internatio…

La guerre chimique et le mouvement pour sa répression (Volume 16)

(19,590 words)

Author(s): Jonkheer W. J. M. van Eysinga, le
Jonkheer W. J. M. van Eysinga, le Keywords: Biological and chemical warfare | Biological and chemical warfare | Biological and chemical weapons | Disarmament | Mots clefs: Guerre chimique | ABSTRACT W. J. M. van Eysinga explains in the introduction to his course that chemical warfare is the most repugnant and the most difficult manifestation of Modern Warfare at the same time. In his course, the author studies the movement for its repression, which is interesting and difficult, especially for two reasons. First of all, the ch…

Outlawry of War, and Disarmament (Volume 133)

(8,887 words)

Author(s): V. Bogdanov, O.
V. Bogdanov, O. Keywords: Disarmament | Renunciation of war | Mots clefs: Désarmement | Renonciation à la guerre | ABSTRACT In this short presentation, O.V. Bogdanov exposes the problems of disarmament and prohibition of war in the Covenant of the League of Nations. He then focuses on disarmament addressed in the Charter of the United Nations and on disarmament addressed in the post-war international practice. He later studies the principle of disarmament in international law, exposes the problem of weapons of mass…

Outlawry of War and Disarmament (Volume 133)

(7,779 words)

Author(s): S. Fisher, Adrian
S. Fisher, Adrian Keywords: Nuclear weapons | Disarmament | Renunciation of war | Mots clefs: Armes atomiques | Désarmement | Renonciation à la guerre | ABSTRACT The course of Adrian S. Fisher is a discussion of the problem of outlawry of war and disarmament with an analysis directed to the question of whether the legal institutions are strong enough to deal with the problems of national security implicit in any attempt to outlaw war and to disarm. The author then focuses on the problem of control of armaments. Le cours d'Adrian S. Fisher est une discussion du problème du bannissem…