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States, Peoples and Minorities (Volume 231)

(96,297 words)

Author(s): Vukas, Budislav
Vukas, Budislav Keywords: States | Minorities | International legal personality | Mots clefs: Droit de libre disposition | Minorités | ABSTRACT Budislav Vukas, Professor at the Institute of Law and International Relations in Zagreb, devotes his course to the theme “States, Peoples, and Minorities". In this course, the author intends to examine the notions of the State, the people, and the minority, and some related themes addressed in the context of international law. He also focuses on international rules relating …

Souveraineté étatique et protection internationale des minorités (Volume 245)

(48,408 words)

Author(s): Ben Achour, Yadh
Ben Achour, Yadh Keywords: Minorities | Right of self-determination | Sovereignty | Cultural Diversity and Minorities in General | Mots clefs: Minorités | Droit de libre disposition | Souveraineté | ABSTRACT Yadh Ben Achour, Professor at the University of Tunis, starts his course on state sovereignty and the protection or minorities by presenting the concepts of state, sovereignty and minority. The author then details the guiding principles of minority rights: sovereignty of the State, right of self-determination of minoritie…

Self-determination of Peoples and Plural-ethnic States Secession and State Succession and the Alternative, Federal Option (Volume 294)

(34,297 words)

Author(s): McWhinney, Edward
McWhinney, Edward Keywords: Right of self-determination | Secession | State succession | Mots clefs: Droit de libre disposition | Secession | Succession | ABSTRACT Edward McWhinney, Professor emeritus of Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, retraces the historical origins of peoples' self-determination by taking as its starting point the national self-determination that can be traced back to the French revolution. The question of the self-determination of peoples is often resolved within the framework of the nation-st…