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The Principles and Standards of International Economic Law (Volume 117)

(29,809 words)

Author(s): Schwarzenberger, Georg
Schwarzenberger, Georg Keywords: Legal principles | International economic law | Mots clefs: Principes de droit | Droit international économique | ABSTRACT Georg Schwarzenberg devotes his course to the Principles and Standards of International Economic Law. After a presentation of the basic features of international economic law, the author first examines the principles of international economic law. He focuses on the question of economic independence and interdependence, describes the frontal attacks on economic so…

International Economic Law General Course on Public International Law (Volume 198)

(99,582 words)

Author(s): Seidl-Hohenveldern, I.
Seidl-Hohenveldern, I. Keywords: International economic law | Mots clefs: Droit international économique | ABSTRACT I. Seidl-Hohenveldern, Professor at the Institute of International Law and International Relations in Vienna, focuses his general course on public international law on issues of international economic law, while addressing all major themes of public international law. In seventeen chapters, the author discusses the subjects of international economic law, the concept of sovereignty in internation…

International Economic “Soft Law” (Volume 163)

(32,065 words)

Author(s): Seidl-Hohenveldern, Ignaz
Seidl-Hohenveldern, Ignaz Keywords: Soft law | International economic law | Mots clefs: Soft law | Droit international économique | ABSTRACT Ignaz Seidl-Hohenveldern, Professor at the University of Cologne, devotes his course to International Economic "Soft Law". After a discussion of the economic and political reasons in need of new rules for international economic relations, the author focuses on efforts to establish new rules. He then presents the reasons for the "soft law" character of most of these rules, stud…

L’organisation économique de la paix (Volume 15)

(54,062 words)

Author(s): Milhaud, Edgar
Milhaud, Edgar Keywords: Peace | International economic law | Mots clefs: Paix | Droit international économique | ABSTRACT Edgar Milhaud writes in 1926 that the problem of the Economic Organization of Peace has ceased to be a purely theoretical problem; it is now posed as a practical problem before the League of Nations. The author examines this practical problem by first addressing the issues of international trade policy, an idea of a European economic union. He then presents some ways of regularizing the natio…

Perspectives from International Economic Law on Transnational Environmental Issues (Volume 253)

(59,632 words)

Author(s): Murase, Shinya
Murase, Shinya Keywords: Environmental protection | International economic law | Mots clefs: Protection de la nature et de l environnement | Droit international économique | ABSTRACT This course presented by Shinya Murase, Professor at the Sophia University in Tokyo, has two objectives. First of all, Professor Murase aims to demonstrate the usefulness of utilizing an approach of international economic law to analyze certain transnational environmental issues. Professor Muase shows that international economic law and inte…