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La nationalité, la double nationalité et la supranationalité (Volume 102)

(41,108 words)

Author(s): De Castro, F.
De Castro, F. Keywords: Nationality | Dual nationality | Mots clefs: Nationalité | ABSTRACT Federico de Castro understands by dual nationality, the two nationalities that two States decide by mutual agreement to attribute to their own nationals. In a part devoted on nationality, the author examines whether there is a crisis of nationality, studies the history of nationality and its modern significance, and distinguishes in practice between actual nationality and formal nationality. He then discusses the issue…

Conflits de nationalités Plurinationalité et apatridie (Volume 277)

(177,907 words)

Author(s): Verwilghen, Michel
Verwilghen, Michel Keywords: Statelessness | Dual nationality | Mots clefs: Apatridie | Double nationalité | ABSTRACT Michel Verwilghen, Professor at the Catholic University of Louvain, devotes his course to the study of conflicts of nationalities affecting natural persons. He intends to make a clear point, "Overview of the Subject" by providing sound and complete information, and by presenting the best samples of international or national provisions and solutions, jurisprudential or doctrinal. Professor Verwil…