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Crise et intervention (Volume 50)

(34,830 words)

Author(s): da Veiga-Simões, A.
da Veiga-Simões, A. Keywords: Economic crisis | Intervention | Economy | Mots clefs: Crise économique | Intervention | Economie | ABSTRACT In this course, A. Da Veiga-Simões focuses on economic crises. After having presented the inanity of the theories concerning them, he presents its history, its effects and considers the possibilities of intervening in order to prevent them or cure them. He concludes that in times of extreme depression, we should involve foreign forces in economy. Dans ce cours, A. Da Veiga-Simões s'intéresse aux crises économiques. Après avoir présen…

Le nationalisme économique et la Société des Nations (Volume 61)

(49,932 words)

Author(s): E. Rappard, William
E. Rappard, William Keywords: League of Nations | Nationalism | Economy | Mots clefs: Société des Nations | Nationalisme | Economie politique | ABSTRACT After an introductory presentation of the conflict between nationalism and internationalism since the end of the First World War, William Rappard devotes the first chapter to the presentation of economic nationalism, and next devotes the second chapter to the League of Nations. The author later shows the conflict existing between nationalism and economic internationali…

Les bases économiques de la paix (Volume 37)

(34,328 words)

Author(s): Ernest Minor Patterson, Dr
Ernest Minor Patterson, Dr Keywords: Peace | Economy | Mots clefs: Paix | Economie politique | ABSTRACT It is nowadays, writes Dr. Ernest Minor Patterson, two groups of economic forces are in action: few make the world a whole; others divide it into opposite zones. The first establish a deep dependency between us. The second separates us because there are certain conditions in which our interests are not in harmony. The author notes that this conflict poses an embarrassing problem. The purpose of the six chapter…

Aspects économiques du droit international privé (Volume 307)

(155,845 words)

Author(s): Muir Watt, Horatia
Muir Watt, Horatia Keywords: Economy | Globalization | Private international law | Mots clefs: Economie | Mondialisation | Droit international privé | ABSTRACT Professor Muir-Watt shows in her course that, because of economic globalization, private international law is at the same time subjected to a movement towards privatization and a movement towards politicization of disputes. The movement towards the privatization of international law results from national legislations that are made to compete and are subjected t…

Economic Order and International Law (Volume 86)

(22,819 words)

Author(s): Röpke, Wilhelm
Röpke, Wilhelm Keywords: Economy | Public international law | Mots clefs: Economie | Droit international public | ABSTRACT In this course, Wilhelm Ropke intends to make explicit the connection between international law and international economy, as the belief in an autonomous economic sphere is erroneous, since economic life depends on a series of meta-economic circumstances, which constitute a moral, political, social and legal framework. After a presentation of the problem it arises, the author studies internat…

Les bases de l’organisation économique de l’Europe (Volume 56)

(14,760 words)

Author(s): Musy, Jean-Marie
Musy, Jean-Marie Keywords: Europe | Economy | Mots clefs: Europe | Economie politique | ABSTRACT Jean-Pierre Musy in 1936 points out that there is nothing more vast and complex in comparison to an examination of the economic structure of Old World based on the burning questions posed by the serious events of the present time from all the current problems. The author begins with a presentation of the economic structure of Europe. He focuses on the crisis and asks where the world is going, between inflation and …

Les nouvelles orientations de la politique économique internationale (Volume 35)

(37,106 words)

Author(s): da Veiga Simoes, A.
da Veiga Simoes, A. Keywords: Economy | International politics | International trade | Mots clefs: Economie politique | Politique internationale | Commerce international | ABSTRACT There are two methods for setting out the guidelines of international economic policy as they manifest in 1931, explains A. da Veiga Simoes: to give one of the most illustrated phenomena thoroughly and in detail, in an in-depth specialization, or to provide a general portrait of the evolution of economic policy among States since the juxtapos…

The Public International Law Regime Governing International Investment (Volume 344)

(142,300 words)

Author(s): Enrique Alvarez, José
Enrique Alvarez, José Keywords: Foreign direct investment | Public international law | Legal regime | Economy | Globalization | Sovereignty | United States of America | Bilateral investment treaties | Argentina | Mots clefs: Investissements directs à l'étranger | Droit international public | Régime juridique | Economie | Mondialisation | Souveraineté | Etats-Unis d'Amérique | Traités bilatéraux d'investissement | Argentine | ABSTRACT This course considers the ramifications of the legal regime that governs transborder capital flows. This regime consists pri…

L’évolution monétaire dans le monde depuis la guerre de 1914 (Volume 49)

(42,411 words)

Author(s): Griziotti, Benvenuto
Griziotti, Benvenuto Keywords: Economy | Monetary policy | Mots clefs: Economie politique | Politique monétaire | ABSTRACT Benvenuto Griziotti writes that the war, which from 1914 to 1948 revolutionized not only Europe but the whole world, and which finds its definitive conclusion in the economic crisis of the 1930s, should be included in its underlying economic, political, and social reasons. The author continues that it was determined by the need for a revision of international economic positions, which charac…