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Migrations et relations familiales (Volume 345)

(153,670 words)

Author(s): Meziou, Kalthoum
Meziou, Kalthoum Keywords: European Union | Migration | Family life | Immigration | Foreign workeFamily reunion | Human rights | Domestic relations | France | Maghreb | Family law | Islamic law | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT The "conflict of civilizations" conveys a globalized and fixed vision of the Muslim world and conceals the changes that have affected, to varying degrees, family law, particularly in the Maghreb. The theme, revisited through family relations in the context of Euro-Maghreb migration, must be surpassed. The focus on fun…

Le droit de la nationalité et le droit des organisations d’intégration régionales Vers de nouveaux statuts de résidents ? (Volume 367)

(67,907 words)

Author(s): Nascimbene, Bruno
Nascimbene, Bruno Keywords: Nationality | Citizenship | Habitual residence | Private international law | Regional organizations | Regionalism | European Union | Council of Europe | Andean Community | Southern Common MarkUnion of South American Nations | Economic Community of West African States | Southern African Development Community | Mots clefs: ABSTRACT After a historical and evolutionary approach to the notion of nationality, the author looks at nationality and residence within the framework of the European Union, the most integrated organiz…

Regulatory Federalism: European Union and United States (Volume 263)

(49,235 words)

Author(s): A. Bermann, George
A. Bermann, George Keywords: United States of America | Federalism | European Union | Mots clefs: Etats-Unis d’Amérique | Fédéralisme | Union européenne | ABSTRACT This course of George A. Bermann, Professor at the University of Colombia, New York, addresses the topic of the legal régime of federalism in two of the most developed divided-power systems in the world today: the European Union and the United States. A comparison between the European Union and the United States as régimes of regulatory federalism is a must, …

Law of the Economic and Monetary Union (Volume 300)

(40,216 words)

Author(s): Smits, René
Smits, René Keywords: European Union | European Economic and Monetary Union | European Central Bank | European System of Central Banks | Free movement | Capital | Mots clefs: Union européenne | Union économique et monétaire | Banque centrale européenne | Système européen de banques centrales | Libre circulation | Capitaux | ABSTRACT Rene Smits, Professor and Holder of the Jean Monnet Chair at the University of Amsterdam, devotes his course to the Law of Economic and Monetary Union. After an introduction presenting the historical and legal framewor…

Democracy Promotion: Institutions, International Law and Politics (Volume 333)

(59,643 words)

Author(s): Müllerson, Rein
Müllerson, Rein Keywords: International organizations | Political systems | Democracy | Governance | European Union | United Nations | Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe | Russian Federation | Central Asia | Mots clefs: Organisations internationales | Systèmes politiques | Démocratie | Gouvernance | Union européenne | Organisation de la sécurité et la coopération en Europe | Fédération de Russie | Asie centrale | ABSTRACT Rein Muellerson, Professor at King's College of London, devotes his course to the role of institutions, international law, …

La propriété intellectuelle en droit international privé (Volume 335)

(164,420 words)

Author(s): Moura Vicente, Dário
Moura Vicente, Dário Keywords: Intellectual property | Private international law | Industrial property | Unification of law | Rights relating to literary and artistic works | Unfair competition | Dispute resolution | European Union | Mots clefs: Propriété intellectuelle | Droit international privé | Propriété industrielle et scientifique | Unification du droit | Propriété litteraire et artistique | Concurrence déloyale | Règlement de litiges d'ordre juridique | Union européenne | ABSTRACT The study conducted by Dario Moura Vicente, Professor at the University of Li…

La révision institutionnelle de l’Union européenne (Volume 267)

(12,526 words)

Author(s): Oreja Aguirre, Marcelino
Oreja Aguirre, Marcelino Keywords: European Union | Institutional law | Mots clefs: Union européenne | Droit institutionnel | ABSTRACT The analysis of the "Amsterdam Treaty" even before it was signed by the Member States is not a simple task even for someone who has participated in the negotiations throughout the Conference. In this course, Marcelino Oreja Aguirre presents an analysis of the content of the Treaty dealing with institutional issues in the light of the development of the negotiations and the texts th…

Plaidoirie pour une nouvelle branche du droit: le « droit des conflits d’ordres juridiques » dans le prolongement du « droit des conflits de règles » Conférence inaugurale, session de droit international privé, 2010 (Volume 350)

(21,145 words)

Author(s): Van Gerven, Walter
Van Gerven, Walter Keywords: Europe | Private international law | Transfer of proceedings | European Union | Mots clefs: Europe | Droit international privé | Renvoi | Union européenne | ABSTRACT Professor Walter van Gerven starts from the observation that there exists on the same territory a multiplicity of levels of legal orders (for example, seven legal orders intervening at different levels in Belgium). M. van Gerven wonders how and on the basis of which criteria it is possible to formulate “conflict” or rather “referral” …

Quelle place pour l’État dans le droit international d’aujourd’hui? (Volume 347)

(20,479 words)

Author(s): Salmon, Jean
Salmon, Jean Keywords: States | Sovereignty | Competence | Globalization | Legal personality | Public international law | European Union | Mots clefs: Etats | Souveraineté | Compétence | Mondialisation | Personnalité juridique | Droit international public | Union européenne | ABSTRACT Jean Salmon, Professor Emeritus at the Université libre de Bruxelles, was convinced, while attending Paul Reuter’s doctoral course on international organizations in Paris in 1955, that the sovereign State was destined to disappear and would otherwise be re…

Le droit international privé communautaire: réalités, problèmes et perspectives d’avenir (Volume 317)

(87,112 words)

Author(s): Borrás, Alegría
Borrás, Alegría Keywords: European Union | Private international law | Mots clefs: Union européenne | Droit international privé | ABSTRACT Private international law in the European community is not a subject that has just seen the light of day, but reforms made by the Treaty of Amsterdam in 1997 have profoundly changed its reality. Mrs Alegria Borrás, Professor of private international law at the faculties of law in Cordoba, the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the University of Barcelona, develops the subjec…

Bilateral Agreements Concluded by the European Community (Volume 309)

(125,047 words)

Author(s): Maresceau, Marc
Maresceau, Marc Keywords: European Union | Bilateral agreements | Law on conclusion of international treaties | Treaties | Mots clefs: Union européenne | Accords bilatéraux | Droit de conclure des traités | Traités | ABSTRACT Marc Maresceau, professor at Ghent University and the University of Brussels, clarifies that he does not want to provide a theory of European Community treaty-making in his course, but that he aims to offer a basic insight into what is now a well-established but complex practice regarding bilateral agreement…

Citoyenneté de l’Union européenne, nationalité et condition des étrangers (Volume 261)

(69,265 words)

Author(s): Pérez Vera, Elisa
Pérez Vera, Elisa Keywords: European Union | Citizenship | Aliens | Nationality | Mots clefs: European Union | Citizenship | Etrangers | Nationalité | ABSTRACT In this course, Elisa Pérez Vera, Professor at the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia in Madrid, proposes to examine the various situations a person might face with regard to a political organization - or several organizations - (political party or not, member or non-member, national or foreigner) and that entail legal consequences on the international…

Le système monétaire international privé (UEM et euromarchés) (Volume 274)

(29,895 words)

Author(s): Carreau, Dominique
Carreau, Dominique Keywords: Euro-monnaies | European Union | Currencies | Mots clefs: Eurodevises | Union européenne | Monnaies | ABSTRACT Professor Pastor Ridruejo builds his systematic exposé on international law on four fundamental starting points. The first chapter is dedicated to the general character of international law, to its characteristics compared to domestic law, whether this concern its sources, the prevention and/or the sanctioning of violations, or dispute settlement. The second chapter relates to …

Le rôle de l’Union européenne en matière de protection des droits de l’homme (Volume 265)

(173,322 words)

Author(s): Rideau, Joël
Rideau, Joël Keywords: European Union | Human rights | Mots clefs: Union européenne | Droits de l'homme | ABSTRACT Joël Rideau, Professor at the University of Nice-Sophia-Antipolis, underlines in this course that the consideration of the protection of human rights has given rise to the emergence of a human rights protection system in the European Union (Chapter I). In the second chapter, Professor Rideau observes that the development of legal protection of human rights in international law and domestic law constit…

The Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights and the European Court of Justice on the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction (Volume 335)

(38,392 words)

Author(s): R. Beaumont, Paul
R. Beaumont, Paul Keywords: Europe | Children | Abduction | European Union | Court of Justice of the European Communities | Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction (The Hague, 25 October 1980) | Case-law | Council Regulation (EC) No 2201/2003 of 27 November 2003 concerning jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of judgments in matrimonial matters and the matters of parental responsibility, repealing Regulation (EC) No 1347/2000 [Brussels, 27 November 2003] | Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union | Council of Europe | European Court o…

Les conflits de lois et de juridictions dans un espace économique intégré. L’expérience de la Communauté européenne (Volume 253)

(105,405 words)

Author(s): Fallon, Marc
Fallon, Marc Keywords: European Economic Community | Private international law | European Union | Mots clefs: C.E.E. | Droit international privé | Union européenne | ABSTRACT In his course, Marc Fallon, Professor at the Catholic University of Leuven, sets out to measure the impact of the Community's body of rules relating to the internal market on the general theory of conflict of jurisdictions and conflicts of law. To this purpose, Professor Fallon demonstrates that it is possible for the Community to treat issues of pr…

Les relations entre organisations régionales et organisations universelles (Volume 347)

(131,576 words)

Author(s): Boisson de Chazournes, Laurence
Boisson de Chazournes, Laurence Keywords: International organizations | Institutions and organs | Regional organizations | International economic organizations | Relations | European Union | International organizations | World Trade Organization | General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade | Regional trade agreements | Regionalism | African Union | Mots clefs: Organisations internationales | Institutions et organes | Organisations régionales | Organisations internationales économiques | Relations | Union européenne | Organisations internationales | Organisation mondial…