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De l’efficacité extra-territoriale des lois et des actes de droit public (Volume 27)

(38,805 words)

Author(s): Fedozzi, Prosper
Fedozzi, Prosper Keywords: Public acts | Extraterritorial jurisdiction | Mots clefs: Actes publics | Extraterritorialité des lois | ABSTRACT The problem of the extraterritorial effectiveness of laws is not an exclusive private law problem, but it can arise in all laws. Prosper Fedozzi explains that, whatever category these laws belong to, under the growing impulse of international solidarity, each of them can become susceptible to extension outside the territory. The author focuses on the analysis of this phenomenon. Le problème de l'efficacité extraterritoriale des lois …

L’exterritorialité et ses applications en Extrême-Orient (Volume 7)

(34,413 words)

Author(s): Baron Alphonse Heyking, le
Bon Alphonse Heyking, le Keywords: Far East | Extraterritorial jurisdiction | Mots clefs: Extrême-Orient | Extraterritorialité des lois | ABSTRACT Alphonse Heyking explains in the introduction to his course that the international privileges known as extraterritoriality, suffered at the beginning of the 20th century, thanks to the change in the constitutional order of certain States, the world war, the creation of Soviet Russia, the evolution of Turkey and Egypt, and the judicial and administrative progress made in …

Les champs d’application territoriale des lois sur la concurrence (Volume 128)

(33,938 words)

Author(s): Goldman, Berthold
Goldman, Berthold Keywords: Competition | Extraterritorial jurisdiction | Mots clefs: Concurrence | Extraterritorialité des lois | ABSTRACT Bertold Goldman notes in the introduction to his course that the determination of the territorial fields of application of competition laws is, from the outset, a particular difficulty which arises from the fact that it can have a triple nature. Such legislation includes, or may include, provisions of criminal law, administrative law and private law, and substantive rules an…

International Business Transactions in United States Courts (Volume 261)

(92,954 words)

Author(s): Hongju Koh, Harold
Hongju Koh, Harold Keywords: United States of America | International commercial law | Extraterritorial jurisdiction | Trials | Mots clefs: Etats-Unis d’Amérique | Droit commercial international | Extraterritorialité des lois | ABSTRACT This course of Harold Hongju Koh, Professor at the University of Yale, New Haven, is devoted to jurisprudential developments relating to the commercial transactions in United States Courts. After a general introduction, Professor Koh develops the subject of American law of foreign sovereignty: …

The Extraterritorial Effects of Antitrust Laws (Volume 179)

(51,885 words)

Author(s): Castel, Jean-Gabriel
Castel, Jean-Gabriel Keywords: Cartels and monopolies | Extraterritorial jurisdiction | Mots clefs: Cartels et monopoles | Extraterritorialité des lois | ABSTRACT Jean-Gabriel Castel studies in his course the extraterritorial effects of competition rules. He devotes the initial developments of his study to an analysis of the power of the State to apply and interpret its law in a way that confers extraterritorial effects on it. The author then examines the practice of certain States with regard to the extraterritoria…

Extraterritoriality in International and Comparative Law (Volume 72)

(34,609 words)

Author(s): W. Keeton, G.
W. Keeton, G. Keywords: Extraterritorial jurisdiction | International law | Comparative law | Mots clefs: Extraterritorialité des lois | Droit international | Droit comparé | ABSTRACT G.W. Keaton devotes his course to Extraterritoriality in International Law and Comparative Law. After a historical study of the rise and development of the concept of extraterritoriality, the author focuses on the issue of the application of extraterritoriality. He then discusses the passing of these extraterritorial rights, in particular b…